Working at ING with a disability or work limitation

Working at ING with a disability or work limitation

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ING runs a special programme for employees with a work limitation: Onbekend Talent (‘Untapped Talent’). The programme is aimed at creating the right circumstances to enable more people with a work limitation or disability to find long-term employment within ING. We are keen for ING to be a balanced reflection of society – and needless to say that means also offering opportunities for people with a work limitation (also known as ‘inclusion’). Furthermore, diversity stimulates the creativity within our organisation.

At ING, we regard people’s talents as the starting point. That’s why we offer you every opportunity to put your talents to good use and to help us continually improve our services. We provide all the facilities and resources desired or required in your specific situation, such as an adapted workspace or IT, coaching, etc. We have knowledge and experience of many different kinds of work limitations and disabilities, and can offer a relevant support structure for each group. Moreover, thanks to our unique approach, we also actively support your career advancement within ING by staying alert to opportunities for promotion.

We already employ numerous people with a work limitation. A few of our colleagues are happy to share their experiences of working at ING with you.

More details?

For more details about the programme, send an email to

<b>Naïma Ait Ali</b> Onbekend Talent (‘Untapped Talent’) employee

Naïma Ait Ali Onbekend Talent (‘Untapped Talent’) employee

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