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Chi Lung Yung

It ticks all the boxes in terms of work that I enjoy and continuous learning

He describes himself as a ‘learnaholic’ so he definitely needs a job in which he can learn continuously, plus he wants his work to be enjoyable – and Chi Lung’s current role as Business Analyst ticks all the boxes.

“I started at ING as a Blackbelt and I enjoyed doing that for two years. I subsequently moved across to the Customer Intelligence department for a year. Then this current opportunity, as Business Analyst, arose. I tackle complex issues that require in-depth analysis in order to arrive at the best solution. My colleagues, the business consultants, are the conceptual people. As business analysts, we’re on the practical side. We are deployed on very specific assignments, such as ones related to process design/redesign. People enlist our help when they need extra analytical strength. One time we might only be involved in the analytical phase, and the next we will work on the implementation too. It depends very much on the individual assignment.”

Adding value

“Right now, I’m working on an assignment to limit the risks relating to financial legislation by getting to know our customers better. I’m helping the department in question to professionalise the provision of information. The scope is very broad. I help to translate the business needs into IT solutions and I’ve been working to spread the workload evenly between the employees. Workload planning is a highly complex problem that the department had been struggling with for a while. I’ve been able to add a lot of value. My mathematics background came in very useful for this; I quickly spotted that it was an optimisation problem so I was able to suggest a suitable algorithm and the workload planning was adjusted accordingly.”


“I really love working on such a wide variety of assignments, but another thing that makes the work so enjoyable is the level of teamwork with my colleagues. Everyone is open, motivated and intelligent. There’s a good atmosphere and our workspaces are excellent. The working conditions are ideal in every respect, and especially since the broad roll-out of the agile approach. So I’ve found ‘work that I enjoy’, and I have no complaints about the ‘continuous learning’ aspect either. In this role I have contact with all kinds of different squads and tribes, I get to see numerous areas of the company and I’m continually being challenged to look at problems in a new light. As a result, I’m furthering my own development every day.”

About Chi Lung

Chi Lung studied technical mathematics in Delft while simultaneously doing a first-year degree course in business administration at Erasmus University. He not only started working as a business intelligence consultant before he had even graduated, but he also combined that with a professional sports career: he is the eight-times Dutch wushu (the correct name for kung fu) champion, has competed in four world championships and was number six in the world at his peak. Nowadays he is the national coach of the Dutch wushu team.

Chi Lung recently became a father and owns his own coaching company. He has shared his practical insights in a book, called ProductiviChi.

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