{Dev}School - The story

{Dev}School is an intensive hands-on training program on your favourite technology fully sponsored by ING Bank!

{Dev}School - Software Testing Edition

During this training, the senior engineers from ING will teach you how to approach different aspects of software testing, using Java (programming language), Selenium (framework for testing web applications) and Cucumber (testing tool).

{Dev}School - Java Edition

During this edition, the senior engineers from ING will teach you Java and how to build Web Components using Google Polymer library.

{Dev}School – InfraOps Edition

During this training, you will learn how to perform system troubleshooting and problem-solving across ING platforms and applications and you will enhance your scripting knowledge.

{Dev}School - SQL Edition

During this training, you will become familiar with concepts regarding databases and you will develop programming skills by using SQL and ETL tools.

{Dev}School - .NET Edition

{Dev}School is all about developing your programming skills in an intense and fun learning experience. Apply now for .NET Summer School!

Ionut Marin

Trainee {Dev}School – Java Edition, 2016

Jullia Birsan

Trainee {Dev}School – Java Edition, 2015

Laura Dobre

Trainee {Dev}School – SQL Edition, 2016

Iuliana Radu

Trainee {Dev}School – SQL Edition, 2016

Thi-Giang-Ngan Trinh

Trainee {Dev}School – SQL Edition, 2016

Madalina Sarafu

Trainee {Dev}School – Java Edition, 2015

Angyalka Daniko

Trainee {Dev}School - SQL Edition, 2016