Centralised Client Support & Services

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Client Support & Services is one of the key departments within GSO. We bring on board new clients, determine for which products they are eligible, maintain their data, handle requests and provide them with support… Different teams handle a wide array of tasks and responsibilities.

Working at Client Support & Services is very exciting: not only do you learn a lot about different areas, you also get to deep-dive in the hidden side of banking. Plus, you are constantly in touch with colleagues and clients almost the whole world over, making the work very international.

Our trademark? Our colleagues and clients really appreciate our high quality, accuracy and speed.

For a quick break-down of our different teams, check below:


Derivatives play an important role in the economy, but come with risks, as the financial crisis highlighted. European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) is a European Union regulation designed to increase the stability of derivative markets by introducing various requirements for trading some derivatives.

Our team’s main role is performing pre and post-deal checks to ensure that the clients trading are compliant with these rules. We ensure that all clients’ EMIR data is properly stored in the system and provide business support to front office teams worldwide.

The regulation is still being developed, so we face a lot of challenges and learn every day. 


The banking industry is led by competitive financial profiles. Similarly, ING’s front office support is led by an on-boarding team, the so-called COBRA.

With almost identical margins, pricing and product portfolio as its competitors in the banking industry, ING’s profitability depends on whoever delivers the best services first.

And that is where the COBRA team comes in: as part of the front office we assist our colleagues with their sales and advise them on whether they can continue or conduct new business with ING clients.

COBRA is one of the most dynamic teams at GSO because of the changing regulatory environment for banking. With new regulations taking effect, we’re bound to see our team and portfolio of activities expand further.

Static Data

Once you come to terms with our processes and your new Static Data knowledge, you discover a whole new world. Several subteams deal with customers' data: we smoothen processes like opening, change and update accounts, set up various conditions of account functioning and payments processing and think of new ways to further improve their experience.

Also, we register and update the data of users who want to trade in different trading platforms and use online banking. The team also performs various daily tasks, such as checking and verifying the exchange and daily rates, which also helps the rest of our colleagues. Find what piques your interest, we‘ll help you anytime.

Global (Channel) Support

From multiple channels to one new, harmonised, multi-country, multiproduct single sign-on channel.

The team is in its growing phase, constantly training and developing with the aim to provide ING customers differentiating  client experience. Supporting the clients in various languages via phone, e-mail, responding to service requests, on-boarding new customers, setting up various conditions, reporting, dealing with intra-bank agreements… and there is much more in the pipeline. The team is continuously implementing improvements and experimenting with a new way of organising the work and working in a very international environment.

Global Screening & Alerts Handling

Transaction screening is the first line of defence in for multiple ING Wholesale and Retail branches across Europe. We do financial-economic crime alert handling in order to prevent money laundering and/or the proliferation of terrorism financing.

Using internal and external tools, the main core team processes include:

  • Screening international payments pre-transaction and post-transaction
  • Name screening in databases
  • Checking trade finance compliance

    The less visible our work is to the end customers, the more important it is.

    In close cooperation with the head office and local offices, we ensure that ING and its clients comply with all national and international sanctions and regulations.

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