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Information Technology

Change application management, IT support for new processes, translating business needs into IT requirements… Working in IT at ING GSO Bratislava means navigating an exciting and diverse environment with many changes happening at the same time, all the while maintaining a sound baseline IT service. That would be an appealing offer for any IT professional.

Our department is also very popular with IT students. When they join us as part-timers they deal with complex projects, IT structures, managing stakeholders... Their general knowledge of all IT domains increases exponentially. 

Thanks to us our clients and colleagues can always operate in a safe environment and with fast resolution time in case of issues,

Human Resources

We provide our organisation with structure and the ability to meet business needs by managing our company's most valuable resources: our employees. As HR you are instrumental in keeping the organisation compliant with labour law, keeping records, hiring and training, compensation, relational assistance and giving help with specific performance issues. Thanks to this work, ING can meet the essential needs of management and staff.

Project Management Office

We ensure that internal GSO projects as well as onboardings are completed on time and within budget. We oversee the projects to ensure the desired result is achieved, the most efficient resources are used and all stakeholders satisfied.

Our team of experienced project managers is skilled in migrating processes and services from other ING entities to the Global Services and Operations centre (GSO) in Bratislava.

We work closely with colleagues all around the world and are accountable for all the steps needed to receive these services, such as coordinating the implementation of IT requirements, knowledge transfer, hiring and training of new colleagues…

Ensuring uniformity and efficiency allows the ING bank to offer the same high quality of services to its customers around the globe.

Facility Management

Facility management shapes the environment in which our colleagues operate. We “facilitate” their work with a whole range of support services. From designing, equipping and maintaining our office space to providing company cars and mobile phones. From reception services to setting out crisis plans and preparing a disaster recovery site, physical security and archiving.  Oh, and we make sure there are always beverages and fresh fruit around.

It is gratifying to see the results of your efforts in the behaviour of your colleagues. Especially when you realise that empowering them with the right environment has a real positive impact on the customers down the line.


Acting in accordance with laws, regulations and risk appetite on the one hand, and with integrity, prudence, honesty and responsibility on the other. That is what ING does, and compliance plays a major role in toeing those lines. Not only do we offer advice, we also educate our colleagues in compliance matters, answer their questions, establish policies… And when we find a compliance issue, we ensure it is remediated as soon as possible.

In essence, you don’t just work in compliance, you are compliance; you are the conscience of ING. It is why our clients know that they can trust us.

Financial Control

Everything financial passes via us: input for decisions, data collection, checks and balances…

We calculate the ideal prices of our existing services and those of new ones. We keep a watchful eye on ING GSO’s expenses and cost allocations…

Yet Finance at ING GSO is so much more. It is about combining your own and your colleagues’ input to help design the future of our organisation. We are a business partner not just to ING GSO, but to the whole of ING.

Service Level Management

We keep track of who gets which service from ING GSO at which price. We design the contracts with the entities we service, report regularly on the quantity and quality that we deliver and send invoices for these services. Having your finger at the pulse of the organisation through the data helps in planning future capacity and further improving our services.

Basically, you are at the heart of the relationship between ING GSO and the ING entities that we service. And these strong relationships form the foundation for building the efficiency that earn our ING customers trust.

Regional FATCA coordination

We help countries fight tax evasion with standards such as the Foreign Accounting Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) regulations and the Common Reporting Standard (CRS). Foreign governments the world over require financial institutions to do their share in fighting tax evasion, and as a bank that’s what we do. 

These regulations are relatively complex and the whole process is time-consuming, yet ING needs to make sure to be fully compliant. And the more efficient the process, the less we need to bother the clients with extra questions. So, the better we tune the process, the better the customer experience.

Being a real expert in a line of compliance, you get to improve very concrete processes for more efficiency. Not only do you gain enormous knowledge, you also become really proficient at analysing processes.


Working in Communications at ING GSO means helping the organisation tell its successes and challenges and relate how these contribute to ING’s purpose.

You are constantly in touch with our employees, stakeholders and even future colleagues. You help write and tell their stories.

As a result, all of our colleagues get a better understanding of how they make a difference; how they help empower our customers to stay a step ahead in life and in business.

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