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Product Area Lead “Data Driven Risk, Fin & Reg Operations” in Tribe Data Management

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Cross-border Product Area Lead “Data Driven Risk, Fin & Reg Operations” in Tribe Data Management


ING is looking for a Product Area Lead within the Data Management tribe, specifically for boosting the transformation to data driven risk, finance and Know Your Customer operations.


ING is redefining banking. What about you?

We at ING are pioneers. Our end goal is to unite ING and to achieve a single and best-in-class experience for all customers worldwide. In order to unite, we decided to build a leading European banking platform first, starting with two of our home markets: Belgium and the Netherlands. The close collaboration across the two countries of ING NL and ING BE started in 2018 with the Delivery Organisation, including cross-border Tribes. The position of cross-border Product Area Lead “Data Driven Risk, Fin & Regulatory Operations” is one of the cross-border positions in the Delivery Organisation.

There has never been a more interesting time to work at ING. We’re on a journey that is centered around our customers, powered by technology and driven by smart, determined people. Our employees are empowering our customers to stay a step ahead in life and in business. And we’re proud of that!

Would you like to work for a bank where respect, trust, honesty and responsibility are valued? Are sustainability, caring for others and thinking ahead all part of your DNA? Do you want to make a real difference for our customers thanks to our agile way of working (click on link to see the video Then read on, because ING might well be just the employer you’re looking for.

Setting the standards for worldwide data governance

ING is rapidly transforming from a traditional bank into a next-generation digital bank, where everything revolves around data and smart data intelligence. The gathering, usage, management and governance of data is of the highest importance for a data driven culture – a cornerstone in our transformation. We are creating a well-governed data lake that ensures data availability, common understanding of business terms, where data quality is measured and issues are remediated, and where data is traceable and controlled in line with regulations: an ambitious implementation based on leading technology. It is not only about data: we deliver trust, respect, commitment and reliability. People empowering people with qualitative data products. The tribe you will be working in is responsible for developing the standards that will be rolled out worldwide. In your role, you will have the opportunity to strategically steer and contribute to this development. It goes without saying that this position entails a great deal of collaboration and stakeholder management – not only with tribes within the Belgian and Dutch organization, but also with people within the ING Group as a whole.


Do you want to make a concrete contribution to innovative solutions that accelerate the data driven culture? And help regulatory compliancy, risk mitigation and cost reduction with trustworthy data products? Then the role of Product Area Lead in the field of data driven risk, Fin and reg operations at ING is perfect for you!



Your role & work environment

As a Product Area Lead you will be taking responsibility for part of the tribe's business purpose. You will steer your Product Area in terms of delivering the purpose (the ‘what’) in two different countries with multiple cultures. You will divide your time between Amsterdam and Brussels. Therefore, you should be prepared to work away from home for a substantial part of your working week. You will work together with the squads’ Product Owners in the Product Area concerned and may also be a delegated Asset Owner with responsibility for risk and data.

Your key responsibilities

You will report to the Tribe Lead for Data Management, who is also the Chief Data Officer for ING Be & DbNL. Your responsibilities are broad and varied, such as resolving cross-tribe impedements, leading PO family meetings, marketplaces, prioritizing and shaping regulatory demands, stakeholder management and co-developing data management strategy. Together, we will determine where and how you can add the most value to the tribe, based on your personal strengths.

An overview of your responsibilities:

  • You define the future of data management in data driven risk management and regulatory operations. This means you take the lead to create a vision how we can prevent regulatory findings, reduce cost and manage bank risk with a profound data management foundation.
  • You are responsible for developing strategy how to strengthen business data partnership and increased business value on long term within your product area. You translate the vision and strategy in a roadmap.
  • You contribute to the Chief Data Officer bank-wide data strategy
  • You lead the Product Area covering the data products for risk (market risk, credit risk, non-financial risk), compliancy, finance and Regulatory operations like Know Your Customer
  • You are responsible for the end to end data journeys of data driven risk and regulatory compliancy which includes customer satisfaction, performance of the process, risks and data.
  • You share  the responsibility to capture, structure, manage and distribute data in a responsible and innovative way, compliant with ING minimum standards for data management and aligned with regulatory needs, to create value for our customers and for ING as a whole.
  • You share responsibility to deliver the data in Esperanto to global organization for group data reporting and analysis (finance, risk, HR, global analytics)
  • You steer the delivery and make sure we deliver to promise. You know what is going on in the squads, manage dependencies, resolve impediments and keep track on our velocity.
  • You are on top of all the market developments which take place in the area of risk, finance and regulatory operations. You know relevant experts and bring compliancy knowledge and innovations to ING
  • You share relevant insights and developments within your own expertise with Area members and other colleagues inside or outside the Tribe.
  • You help the organization to grow to a higher level of data management maturity.
  • You mentor product owners to grow in their product ownership soft skills in order to have more business impact
  • The Product Area Lead is a full-time job, with responsibility for part of a tribe's WHAT. You will work together with the squads’ Product Owners in the Product Area
  • You have squads in both the Netherlands and Belgium, it is expected that you spend time in both countries
  • You stimulate cross-border interaction between people, tribes, squads and chapters (within and outside your own Product Area).
  • You create and maintain the new cross-cultural collaboration by creating awareness & understanding, leveraging on diversity and by communicating effectively.


Who are we looking for:


  • An energetic and driven pioneer with a passion for and a strong understanding of the challenges that come with data.
  •  A flexible and inspirational professional who feels at ease in a cross-border culture.
  • You are able to make complex matters simple with colleagues in your area and you have the overview and the vision to determine the direction of the Tribe with others.
  • You have affinity with IT
  • You are willing to travel regularly.
  • Fluent in Dutch or French AND English
  • You strengthen the “ING way of working” while safeguarding the Orange Code as a role model.

These competencies are important in this role:

  • Experience and/or affinity within the Data Management and Data Governance is an asset
  • Expertise in risk, finance and/or regulatory operations
  • Affinity with technical (IT) developments and digitisation
  • Sound experience in building strategic roadmaps and proven experience in strategic projects with sustainable high business impact
  • You have excellent communication skills. Whether you are facing an IT person or a business person: you speak their language.
  • You are able to display a flexible range of leadership styles to teams and to adapt your plan, approach and behaviour to the different needs and situations.
  • You are able to make an impact through inspiring and energetic leadership that steers teams through change
  • You have a strong resilience and able to navigate through ambiguity.
  • You have a strong organizational sensitivity; ability to understand and take into account the underlying issues, opportunities and dynamics of an organization. You know how to unite people to work towards the same purpose
  • You are able to take responsibility, steer strategy and realizations based on facts and data; managerial courage to question and make decisions
  • You are able to empower multi-disciplinary teams to act autonomously, think out of the box and hold them accountable
  • You have achieved results in delivery in an agile working environment.
  • You have a Master’s degree.



What do we offer you?


  • Based in Belgium, Brussels
  • The function is classified in function scale 13/BG 3
  • A cross border contract : 60% in BE, 40% in NL


How can you apply?

Are you enthusiastic? Then click on apply. You can express your interest through a letter of application in which you state why you are ideally suited for this position. We would also like to receive your current CV.


More information?

If you have any questions about the role of Product Area Lead within the Tribe Data Management, please contact Isabel Van Mele, tribe lead.




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