Making you feel at home

20 February 2020 ... min read Listen

Despite banking becoming increasingly digital, many customers still prefer personal contact when it comes to making important financial decisions. This is why ING is making innovative changes to its branches, making them even more personal, while equipping them to meet today's digital needs.

"The new concept is all about making customers feel at home," said Barbara Vanhauter, who is leading the aforementioned change.

"There's a big table at the heart of every branch, where you can settle down, have a cup of coffee or do some work. There are separate booths to get personal advice. There's also a kid's corner and a fully equipped 'digi-corner' to do your online banking or learn how," she said.

Over the next four years, all of ING's 1660 branches (spread over nine countries) will adopt this new, home-like concept. Some newly renovated branches have been introduced in Turkey, Poland, Spain, Romania, Belgium and the Netherlands. More renovated branches will be opening their doors later this year in Italy, Austria and Luxembourg.

Customers are responding positively to the new look and feel of these branches.

"They like the friendly interior, which invites them to spend time at our branches," said Ryszard Broda, channel development manager at ING in Poland.

Furthermore,  it’s not only customers who are happy with the new branches, our colleagues working at the branches are also enjoying the new environment.

"They believe they can make a difference as the set-up promotes a more tailored approach," said Elisa Santonja Garriga, branch expert at ING in Spain.

Changing to more innovative branches also serves ING’s ambition to create one brand with the same differentiating experience for customers across the globe. 

One experience everywhere

Web, mobile app, telephone call, chat or face-to-face. ING offers customers many different ways to get in touch and we want our customers to have the same experience wherever they are. The new-style branches are one way we are making this happen. Stay tuned, there’s more to come.

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