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Devoxx 2017

Inspirational content, networking with JAVA rock stars and a fantastic atmosphere: that describes the 2017 edition of Devoxx.

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Chapter lead, Product owner, Customer Journey Expert, what’s in a name? Meet the faces behind the job titles, find out what they do and follow them around in their new agile environments (360°)

Ursula Dongmo

'Working in Incident & Problem Management is like being in a thriller movie, only this is real life.'

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Michaël Schenaerts

'I have found a good balance between my family life and my passion for IT.'

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Dafne De Groof

'Going to work each morning actually feels a bit like coming home.'

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How to build API Versioning for zero downtime

Patrice Krakow is currently the lead architect of the new API Platform of ING

Dreams can come true, as long as you believe in them!

"I dreamed of going to live in Europe, preferably in a French-speaking country, because I have a real passion for French!"

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