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Someone has to maintain an overview.

Richard, Program manager at ING Belgium, about change and supporting the business.

Being a Program manager

“Even in an agile environment, someone has to maintain an overview. That is what a program manager does. I check that all stakeholders are involved. And that there is no overlap between projects. And if there is, I make sure the teams working on the projects strengthen each other. That expectations are clear. And that alternative solutions are devised whenever they’re required.”

The future of ING

“I strongly believe in the future of ING. It was brave of them to completely change direction. Even though it was not an easy decision emotionally, it was the right decision rationally. Tech-giants are ready to take over a piece of the market. We have to react more quickly. And to do that, we didn’t just need a new Agile approach, but also a change in culture.”

I still remember how I said that I would never work for a bank. And look now. I’m feeling good.

Change is in my nature

“It dates back to when I moved from the Netherlands to Belgium as a young boy. Change. How I recently made the professional switch from IT to the business side of things. Change. From functionally managing a team to giving guidance in an Agile environment. Change. I still remember how I said that I would never work for a bank. And look now. I’m feeling good. Right: change once again!”


“What most appealed to me about ING was the autonomy. In an agile work environment, you decide your own goals and how you’ll fulfil them. Functional hierarchy doesn’t matter that much. It’s just there to support you. You direct your career yourself, on the job. You decide for yourself what you want to become. Together with ING.”

About Richard

  • Richard started as an Ormit Trainee and is now a Road Manager
  • He was born in Oranjestad, Aruba
  • He studied Electro technical engineering at the VUB in Brussels
  • He is regularly found in the ING gym and likes going to concerts and reading (fiction mostly)
  • He can rap “Insane in the Brain” by Cypress Hill as he wanted to be an MC growing up
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