Everything is possible, if you want it.

“l like doing things with my hands. Pottery, working wood. Shaping something that has no shape yet and seeing it come to life. It’s so rewarding when you pick things up and own them. In a way, it’s like working at ING.” Nathalie shapes her own career at ING.

Sounds rewarding and challenging.

“If you dare to take up the challenge, you can really grow in every direction over here. No-one knew me when I started, but they believed in me, they trusted me with the responsibility. That’s a great culture to work in. A very human and respectful one too.

I’ve been part of the ING group for about ten years, of which the last two have been within ING itself. It was hard to leave my old Record Bank colleagues but at the same time I am a person of change. I wanted to experience this new direction and vibe.”

What does a customer journey expert do?

“At a crossroad where several needs meet, a customer journey expert has the skill to pick or create the right track for our mutual destination. And that’s offering customer value. Whether for an internal department, the end customer or even the National Bank.

Within the Tribe Daily Banking, our area focuses on customer data. For example, when people get married, we need to make sure that all their data is easy to access and easy to update. If we don’t offer them a smooth process or experience, they won’t keep their data up to date.”

What does it take?

“Above all, you need to be able to talk to different people with different profiles, needs and backgrounds. Customers, stakeholders, developers, … You’re like the glue between everyone. Make sure that we all work well together.

It helps when you’re curious by nature. You want to understand the details of processes, technical aspects. At the same time, you want to keep that helicopter view and see the bigger picture for your customer.”

Does that also apply to being a chapter lead?

“In a way, it does. A chapter lead is like a coach, a mentor. Someone who helps people grow, develop and feel good in their roles. So, connecting with people is key also in this part of my job. Being curious about what drives them, how they are feeling.”

An interesting combination?

“It sure is. It’s the daily mix of people, business and IT. You divide your time over your own projects and the life of your chapter. When that all works out and we reach our goals together, it is so rewarding. And we get the freedom to decide how we get there. Every time we take a different route.”

What are you most proud of so far?

“I never thought I would fit in the life of a bank like ING or manage a team. And look at me now. Everything is possible if you just take the opportunity. Take things into your own hands.”

About Nathalie

  • Studied Business Management.
  • Started in HR and recruiting at Record Bank, part of the ING Group.
  • Switched to ING in 2018.
  • Is a mother of three, “the coolest thing you can be as a person”
  • Discovered yoga.
  • Rediscovered biking and running in the city.
  • Loves taking pottery classes and wood workshops.
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