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I see my orange ING pen as my wand

I’m Larissa. And I’m high on positive energy. Are you ready for a smile? Then you’re in for a treat. Meet Larissa, Retail Banker but above all an extremely optimistic and intuitive person. With a heart that sings and dances all the time. Someone you will love to love. Waving her ING pen as a wand. Enjoy the magic

“When customers leave my office, I know them really well. It’s the only way to translate their dreams into solutions. In the end, everybody just has to be happy.  That’s why I have a personal purpose. Ready? ‘To make any ordinary moment swing into a sparkling celebration’.”

“One word that sticks out is ‘sparkle’. As a child I was very fond of Cinderella. Where the fairies waved their wands to make things happen. Well, I see my orange ING pen as my wand. It helps me make dreams of customers come true. The car they always wanted, their dream house ...”

I help people make their dreams come true. In the end, everybody just has to be happy.


“I see myself as a joyful person with a positive attitude. A party person. That’s why I also use the word ‘swing’ in my purpose. You know, like the dance.”

“If you have a positive attitude, you tend to spot opportunities better and go for it. My life has been a long chain of coincidences. Like me leaving Kinshasa when school closed after riots. Me being offered jobs because I showed and took initiative and people noticed that.”

“Positivity also helps me connect with people. I get what they’re saying and try to influence them and help them out. It helped me a lot in life and in my job. Here in this branch but also when I worked at the EU parliament branch where people from everywhere were customers with totally different needs.”

I don’t just have a job. I have a personal purpose. To make any ordinary moment swing into a sparkling celebration.

Purpose to Impact

“I’d love to stay here for as long as I can and help people find their own purpose. Whether it’s customers or colleagues. That’s why I’m training to become a session leader for Purpose to Impact. It’s a program at ING which helps colleagues find their personal purpose. Who you are and where you want to go.”

About Larissa

  • Born in Congo.
  • Came to Belgium at the age of 16.
  • With ING since September 2006.
  • Started out as a cashier.
  • Worked in several branches before her current one near HQ.
  • Including 10 years in the EU parliament branch.
  • Currently Retail Banker loans & investments
  • Training to become session leader for the P2I program.
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