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It’s about doing the right thing for society

This video was taken pre-corona.

Mihail, KYC Coordinator, likes to explore the world. For now, he’s happy to work at ING. And here’s why.

I honestly didn’t think I’d ever work for a bank. I don’t have a banking background… at all! But when I heard about this particular department, I really wanted to be a part of it. What we do, to put it simply, is make sure that ING is an ethical bank. We check up on our corporate clients portfolios to see ensure they operate ethically.

Taking up social responsibility

Before I started my career at ING, I was a sales representative. I liked working in sales, but after a while it felt shallow. So I found myself looking for a job where I could make a positive change. That’s what attracted me to ING: it’s not only about revenue, it’s about doing the right thing for society.

Our job is to make sure we take up our social responsibility as a bank by working with the right clients, whose values match those of ING. We figure out who our clients are, what kind of transactions they have, where their money comes from, … In that way, we know they’re abiding by the anti-money laundering policies. We also review their environmental and social impact. For me, it’s an inspiring opportunity to have a positive influence on the world.

I love living in Brussels. It’s by far the most comfortable city I’ve ever lived in.

International experiences

After finishing my masters in Romania, I moved back to Moldova – where I’m originally from. But I just wasn’t ready to settle there. I wanted to explore and took a role at ING in Bratislava.

After 3 years in Bratislava, I moved to ING Brussels. It was hard to leave my family and friends in Moldova. But I got to experience so many new things, so I feel it definitely paid off. I’m glad I made the decision back then. What I like about Belgium? I love living in Brussels. It’s by far the most comfortable city I’ve ever lived in. It’s just so vibrant. There’s always something to do and its central location allows me and my girlfriend to explore the rest of Europe easily.

Working with the right people

I definitely feel like ING is my home right now. I’ve found my place here. There’s always that push to change for the better. The team I’m working with is young, innovative and dynamic. I’m happy to say that I work with people who never give up. They keep pushing, even when they’re under a lot of pressure.

It’s so important to work with the positive people. They’re the ones who help to create and find new opportunities. For example, last year I participated in the Triathlon program at ING.

From nutritionists to personal trainings, ING supported us for months to make sure we were as prepared as possible on the day of the Triathlon. It also allowed me to get to know people at ING who I'd never normally interact with. There are many other initiatives just like the Triathlon and no matter which department you’re from, you always feel welcome to get involved.

To feel so included is really awesome !

About Mihail

  • Is originally from Moldova
  • B.A. Political Science and International Relations and M.A. Public Administration
  • Coordinates a team of 13 people
  • Avid Crossfitter
  • Passionate cook
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