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Sports Sponsoring Expert / Communication Expert Sponsoring and Events

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Sports/Football Sponsoring Expert
Communication Expert / Sponsoring & Events
Full time, CDI, CSM

Areyou looking for an exciting mission mixing your passion for football and sportswith your strong expertise in sponsoring and brand activation ?

Doyou want to contribute to the brand objectives using sponsorship as a keyenabler for more impact ?

Areyou able to take up the challenge of measuring all your actions and provinghigh impact ?


Areyou also someone who … 

  • has a communicative personality and good relationshipskills
  • has an innate sense of organisation, structure andcoordination
  • is flexible and can adapt working methods andschedules
  • is constructive, continually seeking solutions andresults-focused
  • has good negotiation skills, is assertive anddiplomatic
  • has the analytical skills needed to report withfigures and propose a vision based on facts
  • is creative and come up with new ideas
  • is energized by challenges

Andwho …

  • has a minimum of 10-years professional experience insports sponsoring management. Must be able to demonstrate proven experience andresults in this domain for another brand or key actor in the sector.
  • has a strong experience in the use of digital media toamplify a sponsoring strategy.
  • is interested in football, follows the news and isup-to-date about everything linked to our football national team, the RedDevils, and the other properties sponsored by ING.
  • has already a strong network with key stakeholders inthe Belgian football sponsoring community (right holders, brands, agencies,etc.).
  • has a business / economic / marketing / communicationsuniversity degree.
  • knows about the agile methodology as a way of work.
  • can demonstrate knowledge of and/or a clear interestin all the bank's business lines, can demonstrate knowledge of the bankingsector and the challenges it faces.
  • is available evenings and weekends and flexible interms of hours
  • enjoys travelling and has a full driving licence
  • has perfect oral and written fluency in French orDutch and an active knowledge of the other national language, as well asEnglish.
  • can use Outlook and standard Windows software (Word,Excel, Powerpoint)
… Then you are our new Sports Sponsoring Expert

Yourrole …

Working alongside other experts (advertising & branding, digital,direct marketing, marketeers, etc.), your primary mission is to translate the(sports) sponsoring strategy of ING into high quality activation campaigns.Your objective is to maximize the return on investment and the impact of thesponsoring plan. You generate the best impact on the brand likeability andbrand consideration.

Hierarchically reports to Sponsoring, Events & Field Expert Lead

Define the sponsoring strategy in collaboration withseveral stakeholders internally, based on the sponsoring objectives andsponsoring pillar concerned :

  • Contributes to thedefinition of the sponsoring portfolio (long term vision)
  • Gathers all the expertinformation needed and develops knowledge
  • Make recommendations inorder to maximize impact and sales leads
  • Negotiates the bestpossible sponsorship deals, formalizes work in contracts and reports
  • Defines activationcampaigns
  • Evaluates impact of all plans,using benchmarks and aligned with the global brand objectives

Prepare concrete activation plans aligned with theglobal objectives :

  • Shows a strong knowledgeabout other brands sponsoring plans, the sector, the trends
  • Proactively identifiesopportunities and propose solutions
  • Is creative
  • Defines for each campaignthe potential risks and challenges, the milestones and implements the differentsteps

Manages the whole campaign process and adapts ifneeded :

  • Gives briefing to allteams involved
  • Defines the campaigntiming and deliverables
  • Informs all teams, takesthe lead and maximizes return of campaign
  • Plans all activities inthe process, including meetings
  • Guarantees the rightprocess is respected
  • Motivates all partiesinvolved in the process (Communication Specialists, Customer IntelligenceAnalysts, ...)
  • Mitigates and takesdecisions/actions when needed to guarantee timing and quality of thedeliverables

Measures the impact of the campaign during and at theend :

  • Gathers all info needed tomake an appropriate evaluation
  • Takes decisions and adaptsduring campaign if needed
  • Presents all results tostakeholders in a highly professional way
  • Is accountable for theresults of the campaign
  • Usesfigures and results to make recommendations for the future, takes care of thefollow-up (debriefing) and evaluation of actions, by means of a plan that isqualitative (improvement of procedures, general effectiveness, brand image,etc.) and quantitative

Is identified as the key person within the company, incharge of this sponsoring domain :

  • Develops continuous knowledge
  • Fulfils an expert role, isappointed to answer specific questions in the domain
  • Provides expert servicesand analyzes requests, makes recommendations according to brand values : easy,empathic, daring and trustworthy.
  • Informs the wholeorganization about the campaigns launched
  • Builds up a strong networkof all stakeholders (internal, external, key persons, ambassadors, etc.)

Contributesto the construction of the sponsoring budget and is responsible for the budgetfollow up :

  • Gives advice and recommendationto prepare the annual budget
  • Manages continuously thisbudget and alerts in case of problem
  • Ensures all efforts aremade to optimize budget use
  • Controls invoices, appliesprocurement and compliance guidelines and policies

Wantto make a meaningful impact?

At ING ourpurpose is to empower people to stay a step ahead in life and in business. Webelieve that sustainable progress is driven by people with the imagination anddetermination to make a better future for themselves and those around them.


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Ifthis is the environment you thrive in, then applyand join us in changing the future of banking!


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