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Diverse and sustainable

ING aims to help people get ahead, in both their private and professional lives. ‘Empowering people to stay a step ahead in life and business’: that is our goal. We do this by offering our customers the most suitable products and services. By being a good employer for our people. But also through our dedication for things that are not related to ‘the bank’.

Diversity as a strength

At ING, we do not promote diversity simply because we should. We promoted because it makes us stronger. After all, if you look at things through many different coloured glasses, your insights will be that much richer. Your actions will be more creative and innovative. And your organisation more successful. By adopting this policy we aim to set an example for society.

Sustainable and committed

Sustainability is matter-of-course for ING. We have been operating in a climate neutral manner since 2007 and have given 900,000 children the opportunity to enjoy a better education via UNICEF. We encourage our people to use public transport and act as volunteers. Not only that, we adopt a critical attitude when it comes to what we finance for our customers, or don’t. This is what sustainable banking is all about.
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