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Do you have a pressing question you can't find the answer to? Try this page. Scroll through our FAQs and get to know us even better.

What if my dream job isn't listed in your job vacancies?

Try a synonym or change your query. Still haven't found it? No worries, we make changes to our offering every day. Come back some other time to browse our job vacancies. Are you open to working abroad? Be sure to visit our worldwide Career website.

Do I need a degree in economics to work at ING?

No, or in any case not for every job. ING is frequently looking for new colleagues who have been to secretarial school or have studied law, a foreign language or something else.

Check out our jobs in Client Services, Business Support or Digital & Tech. At ING your personality, general knowledge and experience are just as important as your diploma.

Can I send you an unsolicited job application?

You can, but we do recommend applying for an existing vacancy instead. We will only take a thorough look at unsolicited job applications if there are not enough candidates for our job openings.

Which tests will I need to take?

ING will ask you to take two skills tests. These are online tests given via our partner SHL to test your numerical and verbal abilities. These tests will show us how well you can remember or interpret a large number of figures or words within a specific amount of time. In addition to this, you will receive a link to the Orange Code test: a test that assesses the match between your values and those of ING. Your answers will be discussed during an interview with an ING recruiter.

Are you applying for a senior position? If so, we will invite you for an interview. The procedure can include an assessment: if this is the case, you will receive enough information about the objective and content of these tests beforehand.

How can I prepare for the job application tests?

To prepare for the intelligence tests you can look for similar exercises online. What is more important is a quiet environment. The results remain valid for two years, so we recommend taking enough time out for these tests.

You can also read some more information about our Orange Code.

What does the selection process involve?

To give you an idea of the process you can consult an overview of the job application procedure.

Tips and tricks to help you prepare for the interview are available on this site.

What will happen with my online job application?

Your job application and personal data will be processed by ING's Talent Acquisition team. This data can only be accessed by these employees. Would you like to know what happens with the information you share with us? Read the ING Careers privacy statement.

Why can't I see the job vacancies?

Your browser needs a capacity of at least 128 bits to display our job vacancies. This isn't the problem? Check to see if your cookies are being blocked.

Help! I can't find the answer to my question!

Still haven't found the answer to your question? Send us an e-mail and receive a personal answer.

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