Want to apply for a job with ING? Here are a few tips.

Want to apply for a job with ING? Here are a few tips.

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Found the job of your dreams? Now, it’s up to you to get us interested in you and convince us of your qualifications. These tips will help you.

Know what we are looking for

Training, expertise, experience. All of these play are important. Just like your competencies and commitment, initiative, eagerness to learn, creativity and communication. Is there anything you’re not certain about? Just give us a call.

Spend enough time perfecting your CV

It is your personal calling card. Short, concise, concrete, streamlined in terms of design and without any mistakes. Make sure that all information that is essential for the job you are applying for stands out, and provide a little explanation. Don’t forget to tell us your success stories, too!

Include your motivation in your CV

You will be applying for your job online, without a separate cover letter. Therefore, you should include your motivation for applying for this job in your CV. Why you are the right person to fill this position at ING. Don’t underestimate this part of your application. It is the determining factor on which we will base our decision to invite you for the next step.

Our interview

Were you invited to take part in a job interview? Prepare yourself well. Know what we will ask and think about what you want to ask us. Put it down on paper. It’s perfectly all right to be critical.

A good first impression

You can make a first impression only once. Be on time and make sure that you are dressed smartly. Three-part suits have become a thing of the past. Jeans are OK. Just wear whatever you feel comfortable in.


Send your interviewer a ‘Thank You’ email after your job interview. This way, you will stay on his or her mind and that is only of benefit to the rest of the selection procedure.

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