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Less distraction means more time for training

Hilde doesn’t consider herself particularly sporty, but she perseveres in her training for the triathlon – with growing enthusiasm. She signed up mainly for the social aspect. She was looking forward to tackling this huge challenge together with her colleagues.

Hilde is Dutch but lives and works in Brussels. Hilde: “The coronavirus lockdown was even tighter in Belgium than in the Netherlands. Thankfully we were still allowed to exercise, though, and cycling was allowed in pairs. Because there are hardly any distractions, I had a lot of free time to spend on training.”

Pretty scary

“Running and cycling are a great way for me to get to know the local area better. I’ve been exploring cycling routes with my boyfriend and I often take our dog with me when I go for a run. Swimming is the activity I’m most worried about. To be honest, the whole triathlon is pretty scary. I sometimes wonder what I’ve got myself into!”

Team aspect

Even so, Hilde was very keen to take part. “Especially because of the team aspect. It’s a fun way to meet more people from other areas of the bank. And I hope that this experience will help me to change my lifestyle. I want to eat more healthily and take more exercise. I’ve already noticed the benefits: I’m fitter and stronger, with more muscle mass. And I’m starting to enjoy cycling more and more – I never expected that!”

It’s a fun way to meet more people from other areas of the bank.

Great adventure

“Training together with all the colleagues was out of the question in the past months, and that’s a real shame, but luckily my boyfriend is sporty so that helps in terms of motivation. In fact, he wants to sign up for the triathlon too. My family in the Netherlands is really sporty, and we’re counting the days until we can take our road bikes out together through the local Dutch countryside. Whatever happens, this triathlon is a great adventure.”

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