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From Bucharest to Brussels

This video was taken pre-corona.

“I love Brussels. The diversity, the atmosphere, a forest in the middle of the city, …” Find out why else Rares, system engineer, chose ING and Brussels.

Why did you choose ING?

When I first worked here as an external consultant, I had a really good connection with the team lead at the time. He was like a coach to me. So when he asked me to join ING, I didn’t hesitate.

I always liked the culture here. In particular that you can develop yourself, shape your own career path. No-one is going to roll out the red carpet, you still have to go for it yourself. I like that spirit.

Which roles did you take on in IT?

After my first project, my manager asked me to lead a team for a new project. He had faith in me. The project was successful and a new opportunity came up. They were forming a team for electronic banking. I became their scrum master. That is someone who facilitates all the meetings we have. But who also creates an atmosphere of trust which is critical to have in a team.

Later on I became chapter lead. Interesting position but not what I was looking for. And when you’re not 100% into it, you’re not in the best position to motivate your team. I always say: ”You’re not leading with your title, you’re leading with your achievements.”

Funny… We call our team rhino. It’s the only animal that has no natural enemy (except humans ofcourse). A metaphor for how confident we feel.

What’s the project you’re most proud of so far?

About a year ago, we started exploring a new way of developing applications. Using a new technology. A collaboration with a company from Silicon Valley. Wholesale banking was also interested in working with these new technologies. So we joined forces.

It’s the most challenging I’ve worked on so far. I really believe it will revolutionize banking. Changing the structure of how payments are done. Large payments. It’s challenging not only because of the complexity in technology, but also because of the impact on society and the sensitivity.

Funny… We call our team rhino. It’s the only animal that has no natural enemy. That’s how confident we feel.

About Rares

  • Studied IT and Applied Economics in Bucharest, Romania.
  • Started working as IT-consultant for IBM, where he was assigned to a project at ING Belgium.
  • Started working for ING on a permanent base in 2012.
  • Loves the diversity and culture of ING and Brussels.
  • Is a big Real Madrid fan and hopes to run the big 6 marathons in the world.
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