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The chance of a lifetime

Neither swimming, cycling nor running were sports that Sarah Bidaoui ever did seriously. Nevertheless, she always felt a latent desire to take on a real challenge like a marathon or a triathlon. Could it be the influence of her top-athlete friends?

Sarah: “I’ve always been quite sporty but being asthmatic, I’ve always been a bit afraid of running. Practising endurance sports with the professional guidance of a coach and a nutritionist is the chance of a lifetime.”

Old running shoes

“My running training got off to an enthusiastic start, but I had to stop just a few weeks later due to a serious injury caused by my old and worn-out running shoes. I had to wait five weeks before being able to resume and my running is now going very well, but I have to be careful not to get overconfident.”

Addicted to cycling

“I’m getting more and more addicted to cycling! I live in a busy part of Brussels; cycling enables me to explore the city’s surrounding countryside. Another thing I love is that all cyclists greet each other. It feels like you’re part of a community.”

1,000km relay race

“I also found out during an ING wellbeing training course that there are a few avid cyclists amongst my direct colleagues. Together, we signed up for a challenging 1,000km relay race. We also plan to go away for some cycling weekends together. So my ‘cyclist family’ is expanding …”

Olympic athlete friends

“All this training and the associated structured lifestyle are good for me. I’m full of energy; although I train for the triathlon 4 or 5 times a week, I still find time to play tennis every Friday night. My group of friends includes a few Olympic athletes; they look at me in slight amazement but they are enormously encouraging.”

All this training and the associated structured lifestyle are good for me. I’m full of energy.

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