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Extra focus on mental resilience

Wellbeing Manager Victoria Capard-Chorny knows from experience how important your wellbeing is to how you function both as a person and as a professional. Due to an autoimmune disease, she has repeatedly been confronted with her limits.

Victoria: “My disease caused me to change my lifestyle. I was fed up with the whole process of getting sick, reintegrating and getting sick again, so I began to educate myself in mindfulness, yoga and nutrition. Even making small changes in my way of life has had a big impact. In my current role, I can use this experience and point ING employees in the direction of all the tools that are available to help them improve their wellbeing.”

“Especially in these times, when people are mostly working from home, it’s important to reach out to each other. This is extra challenging, because the WQ programme is designed as a face-to-face programme and one of its biggest strengths lies in the personal contact and live training sessions. The coronavirus pandemic made us look for different approaches, different settings and different focal points. We’ll be launching a digital programme shortly, with an extra focus on mental resilience. It’s about how to cope with changes and readjust to new situations.” 

“For me personally, simple habits work best. Now we’re working from home, for example, I take a 20-minute yoga break every day, I make telephone calls while taking a walk in the fresh air, and I take a break for lunch – away from my desk – every day. We’re spending more time outside than ever before, with the kids. It doesn’t have to be difficult. Just choose to do the things that make you feel better.”

About Victoria

  • Is originally from Ukraine and grew up in Israel
  • Met her husband – who is French – in Tilburg, during their first year of studying economics. They are now the proud parents of two young children
  • Joined ING 13 years ago. She initially worked in operational risk, then switched to the front office of Wholesale Banking
  • Is a passionate yogi and also loves cycling
  • Likes to immerse herself in other worlds by reading novels and watching series
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