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Revealing her social side

Laura switched to a job that offers her new challenges and fits well with her capabilities: Employee Benefits Consultant. Today she talks about this career change and work-life balance at ING.

I started my career at ING in the tax department. It perfectly matched my education and experience. It was intellectually challenging environment, but after a few years I felt the need to step out of my comfort zone. I especially wanted to further develop my social capacities.

A natural in sales

After three years in tax, I went to see HR. I was ready for a new challenge! Their reaction was exceptional, they even motivated me to try something new. A job as consultant seemed just right to me. Once I’d switched, I was certain: it was much more in line with my personality. I easily make contact with new people and like to do presentations. As Employee Benefits Consultant, I can develop these skills.

In my current position, I advise clients on how to optimize their bonus system, for example through an option or warrant plan. I first support the senior management in setting up the new bonus system. Afterwards I explain the benefits to the employees during an on-site information session.

The switch was nevertheless a big challenge. I had no sales experience, and networking was far out of my comfort zone. But I was eager to learn. And I’ve become much better at it. I love the variety. I’m regularly on the road to visit customers, but also get the chance to work on very complex products as well as some more administrative tasks. I’m an organised person, so that suits me.

The professional experience I have gained in the past also helps me to grow rapidly in my new environment.

I choose where I work: at home or at the office. Thanks to this flexibility, I am 100% committed to my job.

Flexible working

I do an average of four customer visits per week. Besides that, I choose where I work: at home or at the office. I need this flexibility to be 100% committed to my job. Good contact with colleagues is very important to me. Fortunately, I don't live far from the office so I can often work among my colleagues. On Friday evening, I plan my schedule for the next week. That way I know on which days I’ll be working later, and which days I’ll finish on time. To go out for a drink with friends, for example.

Fortunately, ING keeps up with the times and as an employee you get the freedom and flexibility you need to fulfill your job. You can tell that from our offices and the mentality that prevails here. ING is also very concerned about the well-being of its employees. There is even a fitness center in the building. I have already been there a lot.

The combo manager and mum

I don’t have children, but my manager has. She is a single mother with a co-parenting arrangement. In weeks that her children are staying with her, she leaves a bit earlier to be at the school gate on time. At other times she’ll then work a bit later. But sometimes your child might be sick or you might have to go to their school for some or other reason. All of that is possible. Flexibility at ING is about give-and-take.

About Laura

  • Studied Law, specialising in Fiscal Law
  • Spent a year studying in London
  • Dances at various dance schools
  • Loves going for a walk in the park in front of the ING building
  • Is a makeup artist in secondary occupation
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