Still in school? Your path to join the ING family

No matter what you think of when you hear “bank” – we are different. You won’t see many pinstripe suits and ties here. But you will experience plenty of teamwork and the willingness to experiment. Help us make banking more digital, easier and more personal – and you can still have a private life.

You’ll work with us using the so-called agile method. Starting with your apprenticeship, you’ll discover new paths and embark on your journey to reinvent the banking world. Are you interested?


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Apprenticeships: welcome to the beginning

We offer an exciting way to get your career started. As an apprentice, you’re immediately accepted into the larger ING family. We’re always happy to welcome someone new. We help you through your first days and offer support whenever you need it. You’ll work together with your new colleagues and meet other apprentices. You can learn something from all of them and they can learn from you, too. We’ll give you enough time to prepare for exams and homework at the vocational school. We pay attention to that kind of thing. You’ll find out that there’s a lot to discover, new things to learn and a lot of fun to be had in the process.

What do you think: Are we a good match?

Are you interested in finding out what makes a digital bank both different and exciting? Do you like new ideas and can you see yourself helping us to make banking easier for everyone? Did you answer yes to all of the above? Then we should get to know each other – but your personality is the most important factor for us.

What can you become with us? You have many choices:

  • Bank clerk
  • Dialogue marketing clerk
  • Systems integration IT Specialist
  • Aapplication development IT specialist
  • IT specialist for data and process analysis
  • Management Assistant for Digitalization

To get started with us, you need:

  • A good college prep secondary school record (e.g. Abitur) or a good general education school record (e.g. Realschule)
  • Joy in learning and self-motivated working
  • Enjoyment of teamwork
  • Sense of responsibility, communicative talent, reliability
ICSGER - Schuler Bank clerk

Bank clerk

Switch between bank and occupational school – and be a full member of the team! We’ll turn you into the delight of every customer.

More about the apprenticeship
ICSGER - Schuler Dialogue marketing

Dialogue marketing

The most direct path to having written and spoken contact to our customers is to become a dialogue marketing clerk.

More about the apprenticeship
ICSGER - Schuler IT specialist

IT specialists and digitisation management

Learn the theory and create new ways of making banking smarter – both in theory and in practice.

More about the apprenticeships

Work-study programs: The perfect mix of theory and real experience!

For anyone curious about “real life” from the beginning, with the curiosity to apply theoretical knowledge immediately: our work-study programs (in German: duales Studium) are the perfect choice! So what are they like?

You study for three years at a cooperative university. In Germany, they’re called “duale Hochschulen”. There you learn the theory and can start working with us right away. You’ll meet other work-study students and experienced colleagues. Together, you’ll plan out projects and make them a reality on your own. That’s real experience.

Whether you choose business administration, business computing or UX design, we involve you in projects from the very beginning so you can get to work right away. Just roll up your sleeves and get to work. Your new colleagues will be there for tips and advice. And we promise: dry topics from the university will quickly become both easy and lively.

ICSGER - Schuler User Experience Design

User Experience Design

Make our paths through the web and our apps more user friendly. You’ll get the theory behind it all at university.

More about the apprenticeship
ICSGER - Schuler Business administration

Business administration

Gain practical experience in our controlling, risk management and marketing departments. Theory? You’ll get that over three years at university.

More about the apprenticeship
ICSGER - Schuler Business computing

Business computing

You go all in and look beyond the IT user interface with us! You’ll learn the background at a work-study university or a regular university.

More about the apprenticeship
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