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We are close to our customers

My working day? No two days are the same.

I've been with ING in wholesale banking since 2010 and no day has been like the other. In short: my working day is variable! There is always a lot of desk work waiting in the office, regular telephone conferences, or staff meetings with my employees. Typical of my work is putting together multidisciplinary teams and working with them on large transactions. I also travel a lot: with clients, to meetings, etc.

What is characteristic of wholesale banking, in your opinion?

The corporate customer business is increasingly characterized by the fact that we respond quickly and flexibly to our customers and their individual needs. We are close to our customers and in constant contact. It’s also about how we shape the future together with the customer. For me and "my" sector, this is the transformation of the automotive industry, but also the transformation of the bank itself, because we are on the way to becoming the first agile bank in Germany.

What makes working at ING enjoyable for you?

We have a lot of freedom. Freedom to design the work and solutions for our customers with great flexibility. This way, we can really move a lot and that makes it fun.

Our culture is not typical for a bank: Dutch pragmatism combined with German efficiency. The way we deal with each other is direct, but always friendly.

What kind of personality do you think would fit in well at ING Wholesale Banking?

I’ll name a few key points. You have to be self-reflective, open-minded, accessible, straightforward, willing to compromise, eager to learn and ambitious enough to make a difference.

What makes you happy?

A day at the race track is always a pleasure for me. Going to the limit on the race track is the perfect balance to my work. It’s the perfect symbiosis between my customers and my passion for the automotive industry: the adrenalin, mastering a machine, fast reflexes vs. being controlled, thoughtful and analytical.

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