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When was the right time to share the news with ING?

I found out I was expecting my son during the selection process for the head of Retail at ING in Australia. I thought it would immediately diminish my chances of being offered the position. When was the ‘right’ time to share the news? What would the response be? Especially as I had always been very open about the importance of my personal life.

My concern was completely misguided. Our CEO Uday Sareen and the others involved – globally and locally – were incredibly supportive. Not just during the interview process, but also during my on-boarding, subsequent parental leave and flexible return to fulltime work. 

I’ve reflected on this quite a lot and learnt a lot about myself and how I assumed the world worked. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

More time together

With two young children, Andrew and I are constantly left wanting for more time together. My family is my number one priority and I’m unapologetic about that. I’ve mostly worked with people that share and respect these values and that certainly makes life easier.

It’s also important for me to give time and energy to others beyond my family. I’m an independent director of Surf Lifesaving Australia, which runs a volunteer service to keep Australia’s beaches safe. Most importantly it’s a community hub for those living near the coast. Surf and sport played an important part of my life growing up, so I want to do my bit to ensure the same for future generations.  

After almost 25 years in banking and funds management, I’ve seen many role models forge a career while enjoying family life. I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no ‘one way’ and, most importantly, you don’t have to do everything. I’m ruthless in dividing my time across work, family, friends and myself.

No week is ever perfect and I’m okay with that, but I always reflect on how I’ve spent my time and how that makes me feel. When you love what you do, control where you invest your time and effort, give back to others and take purpose from the outcome, it’s easy to feel energised.

Free to be yourself

People are most motivated when they are free to be their whole selves. That’s why we celebrate inclusion and value a diverse workforce. It’s not just a box to be ticked. It’s fundamental to our future success. Find out more about Diversity and inclusion at ING.

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