GBLEXT - CRD EB2023 Operations


ING wants to set up a bank-wide COO organisation that's ready for the future, with scalable, seamless, digital, and resilient operations. To help us achieve this, we've identified three main ways we can make the most impact:

  • Build a network organisation: more networking and cross-border collaboration. This includes working decentrally, reusing knowledge across borders, and strengthening important functions such as Fraud, Analytics and Operational Design, Control & Resilience.
  • Consolidate the organisation: share capabilities and services in locations where we can best embed these. This includes smart sourcing solutions and capability hubs across the network.
  • Digitalisation/straight-through processing: making our processes end-to-end to provide a seamlessly digital experience to our customers. This includes a clear straight-through (STP) processing roadmap, a strong end-to-end base everywhere, and a comprehensive framework to measure, track and steer our STP progress through a Digi Index score per country. This will also lay the foundation for scaling our operations.

    Operational Design, Control & Resilience

    Operational Design, Control & Resilience (ODCR) engages and enables risk owners everywhere in the bank to fulfill their control & resilience accountability. We focus on the efficiency and effectiveness of the 1LoD processes and activities while optimizing the collaboration with our stakeholders.

    Finance CFO COO CTO

    Our COO/CTO Finance team is the co-pilot working side-by-side in the technology, operations and transformation business of ING. We use our expertise and provide actionable insights to help steer by controlling, anticipating and advising.

    Global KYC

    Know Your Customer (KYC) is a processto ensure we only do business with customers that are acceptable to us, our regulators and wider society. KYC is more than a legal obligation or something that society expects from us, it's integral to our strategy and our purpose. It is our licence to operate. Our purpose is to enable people and organisations to use our banking services by ensuring a compliant and competitive KYC ecosystem.

    Change and Transformation

    The domain-oriented Change & Transformation departments are responsible for steering and implementing the change in the Wholesale Banking, Retail Banking, CTO and Group Staff domain. Each department is responsible to carry out the core responsibilities related to ‘steering the portfolio’ for their respective scope.

    ING Analytics

    To become a truly data-driven organisation we unified the ING analytics capabilities in ING Analytics. ING Analyticsis built around four pillars:

    • Scaling models across business lines and countries.
    • Align modelling activities to the strategic goals of the business.
    • Create a global community of expert data and analytics resources.
    • Building a global integrated analytics capability, with a skill development and career framework.

      CDMO (move from Tech to COO)

      Aiming on getting all data within ING into one big central pool (a Data Lake), where it can be used for multiples purposes: from customer behavioural analyses to regulatory reporting.

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