ING’s all about empowering people. If you have a good idea, you’ll be encouraged to make it happen. There’s no shortage of opportunities for those who want to make a difference. It’s a fast-paced, open and dynamic environment in which people are trusted to make decisions.

We work in small collaborative teams – combining our talents and learning from each other. It’s an agile way of working so we can deliver a better customer experience faster. You’ll be challenged to perform at your best. And if you have analytical skills and plenty of initiative you’ll fit right in.

We focus on results and impact – but we also value work-life balance and make time to relax and have fun. Suits are optional and we like to leave our jobs at the office at the end of the day.

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Get more sleep, eat better and move!

To deliver results and excel at work, you’ll be encouraged to live a healthier lifestyle. ING will help you to be physically and mentally fitter through programmes to improve your emotional intelligence, mindset and wellness. Whether it’s about breathing and meditation exercises, an ice bath to release ‘feel good’ hormones, or a city swim in London, our colleagues and clients know the importance of wellbeing in achieving their goals.

ING’s ‘ice men’ plunge into a tub full of ice after warming up to Wim Hof’s method, a combination of meditation and breathing exercises.

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