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IT Chapter Lead

Employee | Tech | Professional | Philippines | Makati | 2023-09-09 | REQ-10061485


IT Chapter Lead – HALO

HALO is a strategic IT capability. It is fully supported by the ING Hubs Tech location policy and allocated to Manila. You, as an IT Chapter Lead are the owner of this IT Capability. This is your shop.

You are responsible for the people and their craft on HALO. You are expected to work with Wholesale Bank IT Area Leads in and Wholesale Bank Product Owners. The services can range from low level stories to features to complete purposes of co-located squads. Whatever the services, you are responsible for the resource and capability planning to match the demand on the short and long term. Finally, next to the allocation of staff to squads you are facilitate to make high performing teams together with Product Owner(s) and Agile Coach(es).

All services are provided in line with the One Agile Way of Working and, obviously, in alignment with the core values and compliance requirements that underpin everything that is done at ING. This includes but is not limited to regulatory requirements, risk management policies and global standards.

In terms of your personality, you are a people person first. The morale and energy of your team is at the forefront of every decision you make. Your gift to humanity is that you can get things done while maintaining a highly engaged and positive team. You build high performance teams based on trust and collaboration. You make WB Tech Manila a great and safe place to work (Orange Code).

Major Responsibility Areas:

  • Being a chapter leads means that majority of time is still spent as a squad member. For those responsibility we refer to the job description of the relevant craftsmanship area (building block, programming language, Infra, IT risk, etc.)

Maintain a Safe and Healthy team

  • Managing a team of experts, including managing the employee lifecycle from recruitment, onboarding, performance management and career planning
  • Keep staff retention levels higher (i.e. attrition levels lower) than the market rates.
  • Staff working hours and remote work commitments are managed appropriately.
  • Your team is highly engaged, involved and contributes to the evolution of the domain.
  • Talent recognition and proactive development and coaching of all staff with an appreciation for good craftsmanship and delivery commitments.
  • You work with peer leaders to ensure balanced rotation.
  • Continually in-tune with staff needs and addresses challenges in a timely manner.
  • Ensure HR processes are done completely and timely.
  • Ensure Orange Code and be a role model.

 Managing Craftsmanship

  • Ensure resources allocations of the area across the organization to get commitments done.
  • Maintain great relationships with stakeholders based on establishing delivery and support objectives.
  • Ensuring all staff have the right skills and fully allocated to consuming entities.
  • Create high performing teams (autonomous teams) by building and cross-training the skillset of our people.
  • Develop and lead people to meet their individual goals, career goals and organization's goals.

Keep the Bank Safe

  • ING standards and regulatory requirements are followed.
  • ING security and other control mechanisms are implemented.
  • Meet all service levels as agreed with the stakeholders

Other skills and competencies

  • Lead, influence and motivate a team of specialists
  • Strong communication skills
  • Effective interpersonal skills

Client focus

  • Ability to liaise with a broad range of people, including line management, senior management, external suppliers.
  • Strong organizational, analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to identify practical solutions.
  • Ability to solve complex issues and problems.

Education: University qualifications in IT or other engineering discipline.

Technical Skills:

  • You have a demonstrable engineering background.
  • You are familiar with modern architectures.
  • You are familiar with (commodity) programming languages.
  • You have deep expertise in agile, software development, DevOps, Project Management, or other approaches to software delivery.
  • You have experience with:

o Designing, Building and Enhancing Java Web Applications

o Driving delivery of Projects

o Migrating functionality from legacy applications to modern Java Web Architecture

o Web Frameworks: Java/ Springboot/

o SRE Tooling/ Monitoring/ Alerting: Grafana, Prometheus o Integration: JMS, MQ, Kafka, File Transfer, S3

o Test Frameworks: Junit, Mockito, Selenium, Cucumber

o Database/ ORM Frameworks: Oracle DB/ Hibernate

o Elasticearch (ELK Stack)

o CI/CD: Azure DevOps

o Kubernetes/ Openshift/ Docker

Previous Experiences: y

  • You have 10+ years of IT experience
  • You have 5+ years of experience leading a team/ driving projects
  • You have exposure to multiple, diverse infrastructure, application and information technologies and processing environments.
  • You know general IT risk controls (access controls, change controls, physical security)
  • You understand systems development processes, SDLC and coding
  • You have experience with Incident Management processes


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Please be aware that the recruitment procedures, (labour) regulations and labour agreements of Philippines apply.

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