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Key Control Tester

Employee | Audit Services | Professional | Philippines | Makati | 2024-03-27 | REQ-10071629


Title: Control Hub Key Controls Tester

Overview: Control Hub Manila performs key controls testing on behalf of First Line Management around the globe. We contribute to the risk management practices of the bank by checking the effectiveness of the design and actual operation of controls against best practices, regulations, minimum standards, policies, and procedures.

If you are good at:

• Performing walkthroughs of various financial, operational, regulatory, and compliance processes

• Reviewing the design and operating effectiveness of key controls in a financial or banking setup to comply with minimum standards, policies, procedures and other regulatory and reporting requirements such as SOx, GDPR, ISAE, etc.

• Documenting test results, providing viable recommendations, and articulating risks

• Spotting improvement areas in the processes you encounter and pushing for your ideas to materialize

• Overcoming impediments through adequate articulation of the situation and timely escalation

• Self-steering your professional development and optimizing available learning resources

If you are:

• a good communicator (both verbal and written)

• able to quickly learn new skills and concepts • able to thrive in a dynamic and challenging environment

• able to navigate through ambiguity while resisting stress and maintaining composure

• able to openly ask others for help and help others in return

• able to make decisions about your own work

• able to deliver commitments in a timely manner

• open to receive and give actionable and constructive feedback without feeling slighted

• open to the concept of experimentation and learning from your mistakes

• comfortable with daily task tracking

• comfortable with doing tasks outside normal job responsibilities (stretch goals)

If you can:

• independently perform key controls testing with minimal supervision

• independently navigate through a large and complex organization through meaningful inquiry and critical thinking

• work with various application systems and able to spot risks that come with the use of those systems and the controls that should be in place

• provide viable recommendations considering the nature, geography, and scope of the entity being reviewed

• focus on the substance over the form of various evidence files being reviewed • continuously generate improvement ideas

• work with basic MS Office applications (Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint) in documenting your work

• produce required output while working in Sprints (2 weeks)

If you’d like to work with:

• Control owners and executors from different parts of the globe (Europe, Asia, Americas)

• A dynamic team of testers who are candid and frank

• Internal subject matter experts

• Second line of defense (2LoD) who challenge your work

• Global policy champions who help with policy interpretation and execution

If you want to:

• work in an environment that will not bore you with prolonged status quos

• be with a company that supports your growth

• enjoy competitive compensation and allowances

• be part of a diverse, creative, and energized team


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Please be aware that the recruitment procedures, (labour) regulations and labour agreements of Philippines apply.

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