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Senior Global KYC Quality Management Expert

Employee | Risk Management | Professional | Poland | Warszawa | 2023-10-09 | REQ-10055703


We are looking for you if:

  • You have minimum 6 years of relevant work experience in AML/KYC in roles like 2nd line Quality Assurance, or 1st line Subject Matter Expert (SME) or Analyst / Signatory.
  • You have an expertise in KYC Transactions Monitoring / Screening as well as consultancy / change management background strongly preferred.
  • You have the understanding of key regulations (FEC, ESR, FATCA, CRS) and their respective effects on the operational landscape of KYC including the interaction with the 2nd Line of Defence and Front Office.
  • You have an scademic level and preferably a certification (e.g. ACAMS, ICA) in FEC, FATCA, CRS, ESR or AML expertise areas.
  • You have data analytics and visualization skills to enable Quality Management reporting (Strong preference)
  • You have strong organisational and cultural sensitivity and the ability to successfully work remotely in multiple countries and ensure different cultures will work together as one team; taking into account different cultures, languages and time zones etc.
  • You show openness to change and altering behaviours in order to work effectively when faced with new information, a changing situation and/or environment.
  • You have .the ability to recover from setbacks, learn from critical feedback or failure, and persevere in the face of adversity.
  • You are fluent in English

Your responsibilities:

  • Driving organizational change and supporting GKYC Quality Management Lead in overseeing and steering implementation of the TM, Screening and CDD Quality Management framework and functioning of the local and shared services 1st Line of Defence Quality Check (QCk), Monitoring and Improvement (QM), and Quality Reviews (QR).
  • Setting up & embedding quality performance management score methodology, calculation, and reporting.
  • Overseeing and consolidating management reporting on CDD, Screening, TM quality including the progress of mitigating actions and QA targets.
  • Ensuring that the improvement themes are addressed where relevant to the Global and Local (Country and Hubs) KYC organisations and operations.
  • Organising quality deep-dives & lessons learnt and knowledge sharing sessions.
  • Reviewing CDD, TM, Screening Quality guidance and templates and where these are not available, develop them and oversee implementation
  • Driving change and improvement initiatives from Global KYC and the Business Line towards the Country and Hubs organisations and vice versa.
  • Partnering with Country and Hubs organisations to understand relevant quality opportunities, challenges, needs, gaps and potential opportunities for innovation.
  • Stimulate interaction between Business Lines (Retail & Wholesale), Countries and Hubs, people, expertise teams in both the 1st and 2nd Line of Defence.
  • Supporting with project management activities related to CDD, TM, Screening Quality, maintaining the team SharePoint, forms and trackers

Information about the squad:

The Global KYC organization (GKYC) encompasses all KYC related capabilities, which are combined into a functionally steered organization. The aim is to maintain and improve the effective & efficient management of ING’s AML/Financial Economic Crime (FEC) risks, a.o. by establishing standardized guidance, processes, technology, and shared operational processing.

Global KYC Quality Management department is part of the GKYC Risk, Control and Remediations domain and its role is to globally design, steer, monitor and improve Quality Management activities across all KYC services (CDD, Transactions Monitoring (TM), Screening).  It covers Quality in both Retail and Wholesale segments and all geographies and provides oversight and support to the Countries and Hubs KYC teams, and in particular to the Quality Management Leads/Experts.


Questions about this opportunity?

Feel free to contact Team, Recruiter. e-mail: or Phone: +48 (887) 846435

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Please be aware that the recruitment procedures, (labour) regulations and labour agreements of Poland apply.

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