Transaction Monitoring Team Lead

Employee | Wholesale Banking | Professional | Philippines | Makati | 2023-11-06 | REQ-10061717


Team Lead [36+ months conducting TM investigations] You will lead a team of approximately ten people performing complex Transaction Monitoring (TM) investigations covering money laundering, terrorist financing and tax evasion and will be accountable for the quality and timeliness of your team’s output. As a subject matter expert, you will provide quality checking, coaching and support, helping team members to develop and grow. Through your leadership, you will maintain high levels of engagement, strong team spirit and commitment to continuous improvement and quality. You will ensure your team members: • Perform risk-based investigations on complex TM alerts and cases, identifying activity that could be indicative of money laundering, terrorist financing and tax evasion, following ING’s Global Standard TM Investigation Process and Procedures, in accordance with their respective roles and job descriptions, to consistently high and continuously improving standards. • Maintain the primary their focus on the quality and effectiveness of investigation, whilst also ensuring that their work is completed in a timely fashion. You will also: • Develop expert understanding of ING process and procedures. • Have expert knowledge of how to identify, analyse and understand money laundering, terrorist financing and tax evasion “red flags” and typologies as well as strong understanding of regulations and industry leading practices in conducting TM investigations. • Manage the Quality Check (QC) process ensuring that QC is done appropriately and in a timely fashion on team output, conducting QC yourself and allocating QC activities to senior investigators as appropriate, recording and tracking results for performance management purposes. • Consult and collaborate with other Team Leads striving to develop your own leadership skills and helping others with theirs, adopting and sharing best practice, techniques and knowledge over time. • Give and take feedback constructively, actively supporting team continuous learning and development and training initiatives, driving continuous improvement in both your own team and that of the broader organisation. • Maintain strong engagement in your team, actively supporting career development and progression, whilst striving keep attrition rates below industry levels. • Working with leadership and HR, support high performers through career progression and low performers with coaching and training as needed, managing consistent low performers out of the team, as appropriate. Skills and attributes for success: • Minimum 5-10 years of total work experience with a minimum of 36 months experience in TM investigations, preferably in reputable financial services organisations. • Established and proven team leadership skills, having been in a similar role for at least 6 months. • Expert understanding of how money laundering, terrorist financing and tax evasion are executed, why, the differences between them and their impacts. • Expert skills in conducting effective TM investigations, including in data and transaction analysis, research and documentation. • Developed understanding of the global financial system and banking as well as the regulatory environment and the impacts of non-compliance. • Fluent English, reading and writing. • Intermediate and above in Dutch would be advantageous (but not required) • Professional certification (CAMS, CFE, ICA or equivalent) is required.


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