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Cognos Analytics Expert

Impiegato | Contact Centre | Lombardia | 2024-03-05 | 069510


Role description

The Cognos Analytics Expert, positioned in the team “Reporting & Analytics” as Data Analyst, will be responsible for the design, implementation, maintenance and support of integrated BI and Analytics solutions on IBM Cognos Analytics tool, based on local data lake.

The team “Reporting & Analytics” is part of the Tribe Customer Interaction, in the Retail Bank organization.

Key Responsibilities

  • Collection of reporting requirements from end users (commercial and servicing channels of the bank)
  • Provide the functional requirement for the back end (data lake)
  • Implementation and maintenance of reports and dashboards on IBM Cognos Analytics platform
  • Test coordination in terms of use cases, in collaboration with the main providers of dashboard requirements 
  • Maintenance and evolutionary management of the Framework Manager underlying the dashboards
  • Evolution of currently existing reports on IBM Cognos with fine tuning logic
  • Proactively proposes new views to relevant stakeholders in order to generate insights and facilitate strategic channels decisions from a data driven perspective

Skills required

  • Reporting and BI_tools knowledge with strong experience on IBM Cognos Analytics
  • (Dashboarding and Framework Manager tool)
  • Analytical Skills
  • Data warehouse schemas (ERM databases)
  • SQL-developer
  • Microsoft Office (Access, Excel, Power Point)
  • Ability to relate both with business partners, understanding their needs and objectives, and with technical partners to understand technological solutions


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Please be aware that the recruitment procedures, (labour) regulations and labour agreements of Italia apply.

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