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Compliance Advisory Specialist

Impiegato | Compliance / Legal / Tax | Lombardia | 2023-11-07 | 069069


The Compliance advisory specialist identifies, assesses, advises on, monitors and reports under the supervision and coordination of Conduct Compliance & Culture (CC&C) Manager on the bank’s compliance risk, defined as the risk of impairment of ING Group’s integrity, leading to damage to ING’s reputation, legal or regulatory sanctions, or financial loss, as a result of a failure (or perceived failure) to comply with applicable laws, regulations and standards.


The responsibility of the Compliance function is to proactively:

- identify, assess and monitor the compliance risks faced by ING Bank Italy;
- assist, support and advise Management in fulfilling its compliance responsibilities;
- advise any employee or officer with respect to their (personal) compliance obligations thereby helping ING Bank Italy to carry on business successfully and in conformity with external and internal standards.


Team Objective

·      Creating awareness on Compliance risks of external legislation and regulations towards the business unit;

·      Supporting the CC&C Manager in advising Management and advocating how to limit the Compliance risks by assisting Management, who maintains primary responsibility, in translating the relevant legislation and regulations into rules and controls governing the internal business operations;

·      Supporting the CC&C Manager in advising Management on the implementation and application of the relevant rules and controls to ensure compliance with Italian legislation and regulations;

·      Independently assessing and monitoring the realization of risk mitigation activities and remediation plans;

·      Supporting the CC&C Manager fostering the creation of a sense of responsibility for preventing and limiting risks by adapting the internal business operations and monitoring the realization of plans;

·      Creating awareness and developing training and education;

·      Supporting the CC&C Manager for the regulatory reporting to and ad hoc request from the National Competent Authorities and periodic reporting to Head Office.

Key Responsibilities

·      Consult, collaborate, advise in bank’s projects in order to identify compliance risks and implement risk mitigating measures, with clear and concrete procedures and guidelines; in particular, giving input into internal procedures, control frameworks and tools, in accordance to the regulatory requirements;

·      Being the main subject matter expert and relevant point of contact for Head Office and the local Tribe Savings, Investments & Advisory (Retail Banking) in reference to all MiFID related topics, such as: provision of investment services also via Financial Advisors, advisory model, suitability, appropriateness, best execution, conflict of interest, personal account dealing, inducements, ex-ante and ex-post disclosure, market abuse and trade surveillance, periodical reporting, etc.;

·      Being the main subject matter expert and relevant point of contact for Head Office and the local Wholesale Banking in reference to all MiFID related topics, such as: provision of investment services, information barriers, best execution, conflict of interest, personal account dealing, market abuse and trade surveillance, periodical reporting, etc.;

·      Assistance to all areas of the bank regarding advise on compliance policies, procedures, guidelines, with particular reference to insurance and investment products;

·      Willingness to expand knowledge to include areas not previously approached;

·      Review and implement internal procedures and ING Bank Italy compliance policies;

·      Supporting in conducting Compliance Risk Assessment;

·      Monitoring new regulatory developments affecting the Bank’s products and processes and proactively identify potential gaps with the resulting regulatory framework;

·      Development, maintenance and conducting of an on-going Compliance training and education programs, to promote a strong compliance culture, awareness and understanding of compliance standards, procedures and guidelines and of compliance-relevant issues.


Job Competencies

·      Sound knowledge of main regulations on the provision of investment services (MIFiD, TUF, SFDR), market transparency (MAR, PAD, COI);

·      Ability and willingness to translate into clear and practical actions external regulations and Group requirements, always interacting in a constructive manner with internal contacts;

·      Ability to identify potential Compliance risks and address the development of solutions to prevent them;

·      Ability to properly and effectively communicate at different levels (verbal/written skills);

·      Sharp ability to identify and diagnose compliance related issues;

·      Understanding of both Retail and Wholesale banking products and processes.



Experience and qualifications:

·        You have 8+ years of experience in risk and or business area;

·        You have a university degree or equivalent.


Technical, language and other specialized skills:

·        You have an excellent level of English (verbal/written);

·        You have excellent collaboration skills and ability to work across functional and geographic lines;

·        You have analytical skills and sound judgement;

·        You deliver and communicate in a clear, concrete and concise way.


Soft skills

·        You are a team player who can work as part of a multidisciplinary team with a can-do mentality;

·        You have strong decision-making skills;

·        You maintain positive and constructive relationship with your stakeholders; 

·        You stimulate cross-function and cross-border interaction and alignment;

·        You are recognized for your integrity and moral judgment;

·        You ask and give constructive feedback.


• Previous Experience in Risk/Business Control/Legal/Organizzazione/ Compliants Departments;
• English knowledge;
• University degree or higher.


Duration: Permanent

Location: Milan


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