Frédéric Simon

A proactive approach, the provision of advice, support and expertise are increasingly important to our clients

“After studying Sales Engineering and Management at UCL in Belgium, and before joining ING, I cut my teeth working in Strategic Marketing for a company selling environmentally-friendly products.

Two years later, after working in various Securities units, the Bank tasked me with developing and managing an operations desk serving a client base consisting mainly of insurance companies. We therefore developed expertise in working with ‘Branch 23’ insurance products.

In 2001, the Bank then asked me to take over management of the Shareholder Services Unit linked to the Transfers Agent function of the INGIM funds. This was a position with a focus on customer support which gave me an insight into the international dimension of the Group and enabled me to work with colleagues in more than 30 countries across several continents. I had to be prepared to listen to the requirements of the investors at all times and to provide them with the support and skills necessary for the development of their fund distribution activity. In 2004, my responsibilities were extended to cover the entire Transfers Agent function as well as that of Securities Customer Support.

Throughout all these challenges, what motivated me most was the freedom that ING gave me to work out solutions and take action. I was also impressed with the human dimension that the Group manages to maintain, even in the situations that are the most difficult to handle.

The world of banking, and especially the financial sector in Luxembourg, will be facing major challenges over the coming years. A proactive approach, the provision of advice, support and expertise are increasingly important to our clients. This is the challenge that ING is giving me today by entrusting me with responsibility for the Business Analysis and Customer Support side of the Securities Department. Our mission is to provide proactive support and sound expertise to the sales lines, in order to offer our clients the best possible solutions”.

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