Rachel Fisset

At ING, the word 'career' takes on its true meaning

“I studied foreign languages and culture, specialising in English, before embarking on my career in Human Resources Management in the financial sector.

After six years of experience in Recruitment and Payroll Management, I joined the recruitment and career management team of ING Luxembourg in 2008.

Nowadays, I am an Operations & Reengineering Officer within the Payroll & Operations team.

I am proud of having been asked to hold this position which forms a key part of the strategy of ING and which is utterly unique within the HR Department. This is an opportunity that I do not regret taking! My duties involve optimising administrative processes using the Lean Six Sigma approach and running various HR projects. I am also involved in day-to-day Operations, Risk Management and Compliance at HR level.

The combination of projects and operational duties, creativity and rigorous attention to detail, makes my work varied and fascinating. I love to be able to provide a high quality service to our internal clients and to perform analyses in order to continuously improve things. I also like the fact that I can see the results of my work: managing to make a process quicker and more efficient is very satisfying.

The friendly atmosphere within the Group, the commitment of the employees and the freedom to manage the balance between one’s working life and private life make ING a very good place to work.

At ING, the word “career” takes on its true meaning: training and internal mobility form an integral part of the culture of this Company, where everyone is encouraged to take their future into their own hands

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