Stéphanie Malagnac

We have established a genuine partnership with the various businesses, whilst retaining our independence

“After graduating from École Supérieure de Commerce de Toulouse in 1994, I spent four years as an external auditor at a firm of statutory auditors in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.

After a stint as an internal auditor at a private bank, I had the opportunity to join the Corporate Audit Services Department of ING Luxembourg. After spending some ten years as part of the team, I am now Auditor General.

Our Bank is involved in Private Banking, Retail Banking and Wholesale Banking. For our team of six auditors this wide range of activities calls for extensive skills and a thorough knowledge of the various activities of our Company. What’s more, our assignments are multidisciplinary, which is always highly motivating for a team.

The Internal Audit Unit plans its assignments based on the strategic targets set by the Bank and helps it to attain these targets. We have established a genuine partnership with the various activities, whilst retaining our independence. Internal Audit also has frequent contacts with the risk management functions.

Although this work calls for a certain degree of personal autonomy, it mostly involves teamwork. What’s more, in order to harmonise our audit approach, we increasingly work with our colleagues from abroad, which fosters the sharing of experiences and cultural exchanges.”

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