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ING (Internationale Nederlanden Group), is a European company based in the Netherlands. ING was founded in 1991 following the merger of a number of dutch companies.


ING is a group of financial service providers specialising in banking, investments, life-insurance and pensions services.


ING has millions of customers, from small businesses to large multinationals through institutions and public authorities.


ING has 52,000 employees of which 830 work at ING Luxembourg, making it one of the largest employers in the financial sector in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg .


The ING group has a presence in more than 40 countries. Its principal market is the Benelux region, but it  also holds important positions in central and eastern Europe. There are 17 bank branches in Luxembourg.


ING group's logo is a lion, the national symbol of the Netherlands.


The dominant ING colour is orange the national colour of the Netherlands. Secondary colours are dark blue and warm grey.


ING Luxembourg is the result of a 2003 merger of two ING group banking institutions based in Luxembourg Crédit Européen S.A. and ING Bank (Luxembourg) S.A


ING Luxembourg's CSR action plan is based around three central pillars: Business, Environment and People & Community. Numerous internal and external events have been put in place for employees.

Great Place

For the 6th year running, ING Luxembourg is the recipient of a Great Place to Work Luxembourg "Enterprise où il fait bon travailler"  label and is the number 1 ranked company with more than 500 employees in the financial sector.

The history of the ING group

The following page will offer you a little bit more information on the history of the ING group.

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