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05 januari 2022 ... min. Luister

Security Engineer - ING Neo

Medewerker | Informatie Technologie | Ervaren | Amsterdam | 2021-12-23 | REQ-10035891


Security Engineer – ING Neo is responsible for the design, implementation, support, and risk management of ING Neo’s initiatives and infrastructure in alignment with ING's global IT Security and Risk minimum standards and policies.

ING's security mission is to make banking more trusted by delivering Integrated information security that creates an environment that is Secure, Agile, and Responsible to safeguard our customer's identities and assets by actively preventing, detecting, and responding to threats. ​

  • Integrated - Ensuring IT Security is baked into IT and business processes, focussing on the entire stack, and looking for innovative solutions;

  • Secure - Information is protected, trustworthy, and available across its lifecycle;

  • Agile - Efficient, mature services responding to changing business needs, IT and threat landscape environment; and

  • Responsible - Respecting employee and customer rights by embracing laws and regulatory requirements and complying with ING policies

    The Security engineer leads together with the Head of IT Security and IT teams and is responsible for providing leadership and direction for the ING Neo organization and initiatives in securing its information assets. This is accomplished by giving advice and security services, assisting the business and IT in managing IT risk, maintaining compliance with information security policies and developing solutions to mitigate business-specific exposures.

    The Security Engineer works closely with ING's Global CISO to ensure regional alignment to global strategies and address requirements in global solutions.

You are a Security Expert with 5+ years of hands-on experience. You’re passionate about cutting-edge technologies, and you have in-depth knowledge of infrastructure and application vulnerabilities and their exploitation in the real world. You also have a great understanding of the Microsoft Azure public cloud, containerization solutions such as Kubernetes and Docker, and complex architectures such as multi-tenant.

As a security expert, you will:

  • (AppSec) Work closely with the initiatives on secure development stages, performing threat modeling, design review, source code review, penetration testing, investigating abnormal activities, and follow-up on open findings.

  • (IT Risk) Support both the entity and the initiatives with compliance requirements.

  • (Audit) Conduct due diligence assessments.

  • (Engineering) Develop custom solutions to help ING Neo to be more secure.


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