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Erdinç Özkur

Contributing to our customers’ success through data

Erdinç Özkur is Product Owner of the Analytical Engine team. The team is part of the One Analytics department, which brings together all the data knowledge and data skills within ING.

“Many of the data analysts and data scientists within One Analytics are temporarily assigned to other teams to help them become more data-driven. My team has a slightly different role; we’re responsible for the reporting and analysis platform that can be used by all the teams throughout ING in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. It provides access to all the figures and analytics that are relevant for them so that they can make fact-based decisions.”

New competencies

“Since becoming Product Owner in this team, my role has changed quite considerably: from my old passion – playing around with data – to dealing with stakeholders, devising strategies and roadmaps, organising the backlog and setting priorities. I’m now much more involved in the long-term results and stimulating the team to achieve those results. It’s an enjoyable role which requires me to develop new competencies.”

Financial heart

“When I arrived at ING in 2009 for a consultancy assignment my financial heart immediately started beating faster. The bank combined all the things that interested me – and it still does, even though there have been so many changes since...for the better, I might add! Over the past couple of years our way of working has altered significantly, it has become faster-paced and more dynamic; we’re getting things done for our customers ever faster and better. We really deliver on our ambition of empowering our customers to stay ahead.”

Helping customers and colleagues to stay ahead

“My various roles within One Analytics touch on every aspect of data analysis and data science. For example, I’ve worked in a truly multidisciplinary team, with a UX Designer, a Customer Journey Expert, me as Data Analyst and a Dev Engineer. We took our product from zero to an end product for customers. In my current position as Product Owner, I work with a team of DevOps engineers. I’m learning lots of new things, which makes it especially interesting. Here, I can broaden my development while also contributing to the team’s ‘agile maturity’. So I’m not only helping our customers to stay ahead, but also my colleagues…and they’re doing the same for me. That really energises me – I come into work every morning raring to go!”

About Erdinç

Erdinç first worked at ING as an external consultant in 2009. He joined the company in 2011 as an Information Manager before later becoming a Data Analyst. He lives in Heerhugowaard with his wife and son. Erdinç and his son share a passion for football and they spend hours playing together, either on the PlayStation or outdoors. Additionally, Erdinç can be found doing the Workout of the Day in the CrossFit Box on an almost daily basis. “Besides health, time with my family is the most important thing to me, and thankfully I’ve always been able to maintain a good work-life balance. I put my son to bed every evening and take him to school every morning. I’m privileged to be able to do that, despite my pretty hectic job.”

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