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Customer Journey Experts

Providing our customers with the best possible experience, anytime and anywhere

What’s it like to always offer your customers the very best, most consistent experience possible – in everything you think and do? Our Customer Journey Experts (CJEs) know the answer better than anyone. They combine the skills of a product manager, a formula manager and a marketing specialist to enable our customers to take care of their finances easily, quickly and efficiently – as digitally yet as personally as possible.

Optimising the customer journey

The Customer Journey Experts provide the ultimate ‘customer journey’, from the first orientation until the fulfilment. They handle both the processes, products, policy as IT. You will work in ‘squads’. These are multi-disciplined, self-controlling team consisting a maximum of nine experts: CJE’s, IT Developers, Data Analysts and Product Specialists. The composition depends on the customer journey the squad is working on. As a CJE, you will be part of a chapter. A chapter is organises around an expertise and focusses on personal growth and the development of craftsmanship. Sharing your knowledge and improving yourself and each other is the point of focus. This happens through i.e. workshops, sessions and sharing best practices.

What is your role?

You continuously work to optimise and innovate products and the customer journey. You might think of and implement new or improved mortgage propositions. You might develop a new feature for our mobile banking app or perhaps be involved in a complete redesign of ‘Mijn ING’, just like Sanne.

The products that you and your colleagues develop could eventually be rolled out worldwide, so just think of how many customers your work will impact on!

Agile working

ING is rapidly transforming from a traditional bank into a ‘bank of the future’, and the ING Way of Working also plays a part in that. The large majority of our organisation is already working in line with the agile methodology, inspired by companies such as Spotify and Netflix. This approach keeps us flexible and responsive, enabling us to capitalise on changes both within and outside of ING. The ING Way of Working offers lots of freedom and keeps the work challenging. After all, squads have end-to-end responsibility for their products, set their own objectives and decide on how best to achieve them. Click on the video below to see more about what the ING Way of Working involves and how it benefits us and our customers alike:

ING popular among IT staff and customer journey experts

Where would IT staff most like to work in the Netherlands? And customer journey experts? Before you say “Netflix, Apple, Google or a cool start-up” or “Unilever, Heineken and Shell”, think again… The annual Intermediair Image Survey shows a different result: ING scores well among both target groups. Very well.

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