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Around 450 colleagues work within HypING in Amsterdam. It’s where we take care of the end-to-end mortgage (called ‘hypotheek’ in Dutch) process for consumers – from the initial application and any changes over time, right through to settlement if the mortgage holder dies, for example. We work in close collaboration with external financial advisors and our own ING mortgage advisors.

Our employees, who are fondly referred to as ‘Hypers’, are a special type of people. They work hard (and play hard!). They enjoy surprising our customers with their creativity. They are stress-resistant go-getters who demonstrate flexibility, tenacity, curiosity and problem-solving skills... and they are really great colleagues to have in your team!

First the facts: How is HypING structured?

HypING is split into two main domains: mortgage applications and mortgage management. There are six so-called ‘Circles’, each with their own focus areas. These include an inbound customer contact centre, a circle that handles all mortgage applications and a circle that deals with special situations, such as changing a mortgage following a divorce.

Customer Loyalty Teams

Each Circle is made up of multiple Customer Loyalty Teams (CLTs), and each of these has its own focus too. But regardless of which CLT you join, you will always have phone contact with customers and do some administration, because these are two equally important areas of everyone’s job in this line of work.

Stand-up… and then just go for it

The customer loyalty teams work in line with ING’s Way of Working. This enables us to get things done quickly for the customer, and also offers us lots of autonomy and keeps things challenging, because the self-organising teams have full responsibility for achieving the team goals. Every day starts with a stand-up, when we look back on yesterday and ahead to today: what are our goals, how many customers are we going to help today and how? And then we just go for it… because it’s always hectic with more than enough to do.

Continuous improvement

It’s good to achieve team goals, of course, but there’s we can always doe things even better. Each team works together to not only deliver on the customer promise, but also to exceed expectations wherever necessary. We do that by going the extra mile for each client, providing optimal support and even surprising them if possible. As Hypers, we have a keen eye for continuous improvement and plenty of ideas about how we can make processes more efficient from a customer perspective.

Could you be a ‘Hyper’?

All of the colleagues within HypING are educated to at least degree level (HBO). In order to be able to have customer contact they also need WFT Basis and WFT Mortgage qualifications, which they study for at ING. Some previous experience with mortgages would come in handy, and it’s a big plus if you’re used to phone-based work! But above all, to feel truly at home here, you need a high (and we really do mean high) energy level, an equally high degree of creativity and the drive to provide the best possible service to our customers.

Does this sound like you?

If so, double-check by asking yourself these questions:

  • Do you love working in an ever-changing environment where there is a constant stream of new initiatives?
  • Do you come into your own when things get busy, and do you inspire the same reaction in your colleagues?
  • Are you quick to spot where things can – and must – be done differently?
    And do you dare to voice your ideas?
  • Do you find it easy to enthuse other people?
    And above all, do you always put the customer first?

If you answered ‘yes’ to all these questions... wow, we’d love to have you on board within HypING!

Are you excited at the thought of joining HypING?

Here, everything revolves around the customer, and around inspirational teamwork with your colleagues: pulling together, working hard, having lots of fun and achieving results through collaboration. But it also revolves around growing as a person and excelling in your own role. If you’re prepared to take the initiative, have a thirst for knowledge and are motivated to gain as many new experiences as you can, there are endless possibilities.

Shall we get to know one another?

Click here to see the current vacancies for CLT members within HypING. If you think you have what it takes to be a Hyper, send us your application. If you prefer to find out more first, contact us via HypING@ING.nl. We’re looking forward to getting to know you better!


At this moment we don’t have any vacancies within this expertise. Will we see you back soon?

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