ING Mid Corporates

A single team for both strategic and operational banking issues

Personal engagement and specialised advice

The ING Mid Corporates department handles the bank’s relationships with medium-sized business customers generating a minimal annual revenue of €20 million. Such customers typically work with interesting and innovative business models, require more complex products and, above all, have high expectations of their bank. Our clients are often family-owned companies and are mainly active in the Netherlands, although they sometimes do business internationally too. Our ING Mid Corporates team gives them precisely the kind of service they are looking for: standard solutions wherever possible, and tailored advice when required.

In our customer-focused relationship model and associated sector-based approach, we have made a conscious decision to keep the portfolios small to allow you to pay more personal attention to your customers. You support your customer throughout the end-to-end journey in collaboration with various disciplines within the Client Service Team. Additionally, you enlist the help of expert teams for specific issues. Some of the central teams we work with include: Acquisition Finance & Structured Lending for takeovers and complex loans, Corporate Finance when coordinating business handovers, Credit Structuring and Advisory which is responsible for advice mandates and associated loan transactions, and ‘Groenbank’ for sustainable investment activities. The combination of having an understanding of each customer’s issues, banking expertise and an overview of the market developments and innovations enables us to engage in strategic dialogue with the businesses. As a banker, the Mid Corporates segment is an area in which you can make a real difference by building relationships.  

Agile working in self-organising teams

Within Mid Corporates we work agile – a methodology inspired by companies such as Spotify and Netflix. This approach enables us to get things done very quickly. For the team members it means more interesting and challenging work and a lot of autonomy, but also setting priorities and making the right choices. The agile way of working enables teams to be more enterprising. 

Working for ING Mid Corporates

Mid Corporates covers the following 8 sectors: Transport & Logistics, Services, Trade & Retail, Building & Construction, Food & Agri, Industry, Public, and Health. You and your team are based at one of ING’s four regional offices or at the headquarters in Amsterdam. The roles in a Client Service Team are Relationship Manager, Lending Specialist, Transaction Services Consultant, Product Specialist Asset-Based Finance and/or Associate. Together with these 9 to 12 colleagues, each with their own know-how and competencies, you share responsibility for a portfolio of customers within a specific sector. 

Many colleagues within ING Mid Corporates have a commercial/financial background, but that is not essential. It’s much more important that you have an affinity with customers, plus are willing to learn a lot and work on your own development. By the way, you’ll have plenty of freedom and opportunity to do that at ING. Additionally, we put a high value on flexibility and room for initiative. A good work-life balance is a key factor in a successful career, and that’s no different for many of our customers too.


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