Private Banking

Private Banking

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ING launched its private banking service in 1998, making it the youngest private bank in the Netherlands. We’ve grown tremendously since then, however. We are now the most popular private bank in the country and one of the fastest-growing private banks in Europe. We are keen to leverage this strength for further growth, both in the millionaires’ market (private banking) and in the market for families with fortunes of 25 million euros or more (wealth management).

No grandfather clocks or creaking floorboards

We’ve never been the kind of private bank that has a grandfather clock in the hallway and creaking floorboards, and we have no intention of becoming one either. Our customer base is made up of successful, modern-day entrepreneurs, and that’s no coincidence: ING Private Banking understands today’s dynamic world. We’re there for people who have future goals and who want to take control over how they achieve them. Those goals could be business ambitions or personal aspirations, or perhaps they want to give something back to society.

Making ambitions and aspirations come true

Commercial, personal and societal aspirations are increasingly intertwined; a one-dimensional approach is no longer enough. We make smart use of technology, we’re unconventional, we assume that our customers know that the world has changed. We see it as our role to facilitate, to advise and to enable them to make their ambitions and aspirations come true.

Just like ING Group and ING Nederland, at ING Private Banking we are also rapidly transitioning to enable us to continue to meet the ever-changing needs – both of our customers and of the technology, which is advancing equally fast if not even faster.

Challenge for ambitious professionals

In order to achieve our own ambitions we need the very best people, which is why we invest in your personal growth and development. We offer you countless opportunities for further study and training. We expect you to take the initiative, however, and to continuously improve your professional competencies.

We offer career prospects in the following areas:

  • Relationship management: Private bankers and wealth managers
  • Investments: Investment specialists and investment engineers
  • Loans and financial planning: Loan specialists, financial planners and financial engineers
  • Account management


At this moment we don’t have any vacancies within this expertise. Will we see you back soon?

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