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Jane Elgey and Carina Verleun

The customer promise is what drives us

The HypING team in Amsterdam handles the entire mortgage application for private customers and everything associated with it. At HypING over 450 ING colleagues work in various Customer Loyalty Teams (CLTs), each with their own area of specialisation. Jane Elgey and Carina Verleun are two of them.

Carina works in a ‘flying squad’ and is deployed in Customer Loyalty Teams that need support, everything from lending a helping hand to giving courses. Jane is part of the Private Applications CLT. Her team handles the entire mortgage application process.

More depth

Carina: “After around six years as a full-time professional show jumping rider I wanted to do something with my studies in International Business and Management. I was on the verge of starting my own business and came into contact with ING through a secondment agency. That was in 2017."

Jane: "I went to a hotel management school and worked in the hotel industry. After a few years I wanted a job with more depth. I joined ING in 2011 as Adviser in one of ING’s branches, rose to the position of senior adviser and moved to HypING in 2016. This unit had just been set up, so I was involved in everything right from the start.

Complex and stressful

Both women are now highly experienced and enjoy working on a daily basis with private end-customers, the ING mortgage advisers and relationship managers as well as the intermediaries. Jane: "My team handles the entire binding mortgage offer for the customer. We issue it to the intermediary, who fine-tunes it with the customer. Then we make sure everything necessary is in place for the notary to execute the mortgage. Mortgages are a complex product and the period from application to execution of the mortgage is often stressful for the customer. We make it as easy as possible for them, always in close cooperation with the intermediary and the advisers.”

Delivering on the customer promise

Carina: “My team is a team of fly goalkeepers. We step in to help other CLTs, supporting colleagues, providing training, production work… we do it all. We work where we’re needed to deliver on the customer promise. That’s what drives us." Jane: "Previously the whole mortgage process took six weeks or longer. Now we can handle it from A to Z in five working days, including a binding offer. Our customers are often amazed." Carina: "Practically every week we receive a cake as a token of appreciation, from happy intermediaries and on behalf of happy customers.” 

Cool club

Carina: “We work really hard to deliver on our customer promise. It can be tough going at busy times and something unexpected always happens which means we have to put in extra work, but it’s also a lot of fun. We’re part of a cool club of people and everyone gives a hundred percent when necessary. We work together to achieve our objectives. And if occasionally we fail, we account for it to each other. I think that no-nonsense mindset is great." Jane: "There's good energy in the team. I’m very pleased when we’ve worked hard but enjoyably together and achieved our goals and everything is in place at the end of the day. And also when I see how we’re helping each other. I think that’s pretty unique.”

Carina: "I like the freedom we have in our work and in deciding how to tackle things. If you want something and you have a proper plan, there's a lot you can achieve at ING. You can be enterprising. My friends sometimes used to laugh at me because I worked at a bank, but it’s very progressive and free here. Since I've been working at ING I’ve never had the urge to start up my own business again. To me that says it all.”

About Jane

Jane has recently become a mother and in addition to her work she has her hands full with her young son. To stay active in sport she’s training to be an Essentrics teacher (a dynamic workout in which all 650 muscles in the body are strengthened and stretched). She devotes the rest of her free time to films, books and having fun with her family and friends

About Carina

Carina no longer rides professionally, but does enjoy being on horseback and can often be found on the saddle of a racing bike. She’s training with some of her colleagues for the Stevio ascent in support of the charity Bike4Brains, of which ING is a joint sponsor. She likes good food and drink and going out with friends.

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