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Jordi Teunissen

Do our ideas work in the real-life environment?

Jordi started his career at a market research and consultancy firm that works primarily for food companies, but his heart lies in the financial sector. As a Customer Journey Expert within Know Your Customer (KYC), he is now focused on improving internal processes.

“I have a background in economics and business administration so I’m not necessarily one for hard figures, but the finance sector has always appealed to me. I joined the Know Your Customer (KYC) centre in 2016. As the name suggests, it’s aimed at getting to know ING’s customers and their financial activities even better in order to minimse the risks and keep banking as secure as possible. I spent two years analysing the risk profiles of new and existing customers.”

Real-life environment

“I’ve been a Customer Journey Expert (CJE) within KYC since 2018. My internal customers are actually my colleagues at the KYC centre. The experience I gained in the two years before that comes in useful every day. After all, we can think up all kinds of ideas for improving processes, but do they actually work in the real-life environment? I spent two years in that real-life environment! The fact that I can easily view things from both points of view helps me to add a lot of value in the team.”

Stakeholder management

“As a CJE you come into contact with many different areas within the bank, which is a big difference compared to my previous job. I interact with Compliance, Legal, the branch offices, the KYC policy team and the analysts at the KYC centre. I also have contact with other banks to align things, because the work we do together has an impact on the entire financial sector. I really enjoy stakeholder management and I’m interested in the opportunities for further development in that area.”

Impact inside and outside the bank

“Devising, developing and implementing process improvements is very satisfying because you get to see concrete results. ‘Our’ processes are used by more than 500 colleagues within KYC, and in turn they work for hundreds of thousands of customers. Besides that, Know Your Customer is a hot topic, which makes it easier to help people understand what KYC actually is and why it’s so important. I love working on something that has so much impact, both inside and outside the bank.”

About Jordi

Jordi did a bachelor of business administration at Nyenrode and a bachelor in business management and economics at the University of Westminster, London. He loves outdoor sports – running, cycling and especially golf. He lives near the coast in Heiloo and goes to the beach as often as possible. This has also helped him to find the right balance during the pandemic, when working from home has become the norm.

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