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Felix Wayland, Raymond Koeken, Emanuel Sachse

An exciting place to work for the younger generation

ING not only offers an interesting working environment for experienced professionals, but is also an exciting and enriching place to work for the new generation of young talent. Felix, Raymond and Emanuel – three interns at ING Debt Capital Markets Origination in Amsterdam can testify to that.

Debt Capital Markets Origination facilitates the origination and distribution of capital via the debt capital markets. The department helps corporates and financial institutions that are issuing between €500 million and €1.5 billion worth of bonds on the market. It is the ‘middleman’ between corporates and investors.

A diverse team

Debt Capital Markets Origination is a highly diverse team, with colleagues from all over the world. Felix: “English is the main language, both in the office and with clients and investors. Our corporate clients are based all over Europe, and we work with financial institutions globally.” The three young men illustrate the international nature of the teams: Felix is South African but grew up in Asia, Raymond is Dutch, and Emanuel was born in Amsterdam and studied and worked in the US. 

Involved in the real action

The three only occasionally work together on a joint assignment, but they seek each other out for lunches, drinks and meet-ups with other ING interns. “It’s extremely interesting to learn how other teams operate.”
Although still at a starter’s level, they are fully-fledged members of their teams.  Felix: “As interns we support our senior colleagues on various big projects. We’re closely involved in the real action. A supporting task could be preparing the pricing for a bond, for example. One of the more important assignments we’ve worked on together was preparing a presentation for a pitch to a corporate client. We worked on the presentation until the final draft, so it was serious business and great to be given such a big opportunity and such a large responsibility. It says a lot about how ING engages with its interns.”

Not just checking numbers

All three appreciate the way their teams involve them in their daily business. Raymond: “You might expect as an intern to be immersed in just calculating and checking numbers, but it’s not like that at all! We get the chance to really work for clients and learn how it is to be part of a professional team.” Felix: “We get to dive deeper into the practical side of finance, and discover how to apply the theoretical foundations we learned at university. Besides that, we’re exposed to the things you can’t learn at school, such as business behaviour, business communications and the ethical side of dealing with clients.” Emanuel adds: “All our colleagues are very willing to help us with any topic and answer all our questions. They clearly care about the interns a lot and really want us to learn and develop. That makes being an intern so much easier, great fun and very beneficial.”

About Felix

Felix is born in South Africa and raised in India and Singapore. He is pursuing his undergraduate degree in Business Economics at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. He has been practising martial arts all his life and tries to maintain his training routine now he works in Amsterdam. In his free time, he enjoys going out with friends. He is fond of photography.

About Raymond

Raymond has not only got himself an internship but also a girlfriend in Amsterdam and tries to divide his time between Amsterdam and Rotterdam, where he lives. He is a student at the Erasmus University, where he’s doing a bachelor’s degree in both Business Economics and Tax Law. At weekends he plays tennis and enjoys student life.

About Emanuel

Emanuel moved to the US when he was 17, finished high school there, did a bachelor’s degree in Finance and worked as a financial planner in wealth management for a year. He moved to France for his master’s degree in Investment Banking and Capital Markets. While in the US he developed a passion for basketball, which he has continued playing since coming back to the Netherlands. His weekends are devoted to sports and going out with friends.

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