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15 January 2019 ... min read Listen

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I’m increasingly fascinated by how a deal is structured

I’d only just arrived back from Hong Kong when I was lucky enough to attend a week-long training course by Moody’s, one of the world’s biggest credit ratings agencies. It was great to see all the other Wholesale Banking trainees again, plus the course was excellent! I’d only spent one night at home so I hadn’t had much time to acclimatise, but I immediately got my brain into gear. After that I had a week off to move into my new home.

I’m now nicely settled in my first permanent role in Structured Export Finance, which is the same department where I did my first rotation. It’s like I’ve never been away, and I’m so happy to be back there. The work is really interesting, my colleagues are terrific and we all work together tremendously well. There’s a real sense of being a team, which is a feeling I sometimes missed in Hong Kong.

Analyst in the Deal Team

Structured Export Finance provides financial solutions for exporting capital goods from OECD countries to companies or governments in non-OECD nations or emerging economies. As an analyst in various Deal Teams, I’m working on deals to export capital goods for large-scale projects. The Deal Principal is in charge of the transaction and it’s my job to do the necessary analysis. I screen the party taking out the loan, and analyse the exporting company and the project in question. The Deal Team devises the best possible solution for the customers and also for the bank. Our proposal has to be approved by various committees, including the Green Light Committee which decides whether the deal is commercially viable and challenges the Deal Team – have they looked at cross-selling opportunities, for example?

Customised approach every time

I’m increasingly fascinated by how a deal is structured. Every possible deal requires a customised approach because no two situations are the same. Our work brings us into contact with different countries and with different types of lenders: companies, governments and other banks. The deals in my department always involve an export credit agency. The IMF sets specific criteria for certain countries. My senior colleagues have a lot of experience of structuring and – because we shape the whole transaction together – I’m quickly learning a lot from them.

I’ve fully adjusted to being back in the Netherlands, but I still miss Hong Kong sometimes – my friends there, the weather, the trips to the beach after work and everything such a world city has to offer... I’m still in regular contact with a few of the people I met in Hong Kong; I’m planning a trip together with an Indian friend, one of my hiking friends is coming to visit me in the Netherlands and I’m also going to see a friend in Paris soon. I loved living as an expat for a couple of months!

About Chloé

Chloé studied International Economics at the University of Amsterdam and then worked at KPMG. She likes cycling, rollerblading, skating and running – anything as long as it’s outdoors – and is an enthusiastic visitor to the College Club, an organisation that provides courses for young professionals on a wide range of subjects. Her favourite hobbies are eating out with friends and cooking at home, as well as travelling. Now that she's working in Hong Kong, she plans to take weekend trips to the Great Wall of China, Japan and Taiwan. And apparently hiking is also fantastic around Hong Kong.

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