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20 February 2019 ... min read Listen

Even more awareness of risk

What a relief to have passed the CFA exam

Until September last year I was working pretty much full-time on helping to improve the recovery & resolution process. It’s important for critical bank functions to stay up and running even if a serious crisis occurs. All the critical services (such as payment, loans and cash) have since been documented. It’s now a matter of waiting for approval from the Single Resolution Board (SRB), which is the relevant European body. We will be holding a workshop with them to demonstrate how we’ve tackled things and, if this format is approved, we will be rolling it out to the other ING countries. In that case the local risk colleagues will take things from there, but I’ve prepared a template including explanatory notes to make it a little easier for them.

In the meantime, I also have to do the work for the ECB update – which is when we regularly report back to the European Central Bank, the body that controls the European Union’s monetary policy. For me, that means gathering all the relevant information from within our organisation in order to prepare the presentation in time. I process my colleagues’ input and then double-check with them whether their information has been reproduced correctly. It’s always a pretty stressful time, which is why we’re working to improve the process. We now kick off the process with a call involving all the representatives from the relevant departments. And that’s already proven to be a big help, because it brings everyone up to date on what lies ahead and makes it much easier for me to monitor and guide our progress.

We’re also launching some new projects. For example, we’re working on a programme that will drive even more awareness of risk within the bank. We already do a great deal to improve risk awareness, and this is a logical extension of that. For example, we’re developing a score chart for the departments. It’s hugely important that everyone is continuously aware of the risks associated with banking and how we can minimise them. I really enjoy working on new things like this and thinking about how we can create even more awareness than we already have.

Plus I’ve got one other piece of really good news to share with you: I passed my CFA exam! CFA is the Chartered Finance Analyst exam which until recently was compulsory for all ING trainees. I’m so relieved to have passed; a weight has been lifted from my shoulders! Not that I was constantly worrying about it, but I’ll be able to properly relax now during my holiday – because I’m heading off to Cuba for two weeks with a group of friends.

About Merel

Merel did a bachelor’s and master’s in econometrics at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). She is very sporty; she goes running, does Rocycle and recently took up road cycling. Apart from that, she enjoys just getting out and about in her free time. She meets up with friends for dinner once a week and otherwise she’s always ‘on the go’. Merel has been living in Amsterdam for the past eight years

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