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Martha McDevitt-Pugh

Seeing things from a different perspective is highly appreciated here

Years ago Martha was part of the start-up culture of prestigious Silicon Valley, “with a mixed crowd of crazy, exciting people”. She was one of those talented people who made supercomplex technology comprehensible to a broader internal and external audience. Year to date, at ING, Martha is still working in the crossover of technology, communications and change, where she is passionate about knowing her customer and serving them to the max with relevant and effective solutions.

Before her career at ING in The Netherlands took off, Martha worked on freelance basis setting up a technical communications team in the credit risk department for ING US. “I’ve always liked working for ING, where it’s core business to run the extra mile to make things easier for clients.” When she was asked to join the ING NL payroll she didn’t hesitate a single second. Especially since she had moved to the Netherlands to be with the love of her life, Lin, with whom she’s married for 16 years now.

Typical ING

Martha is located in Amsterdam where she and her department work on standardizing the way non-financial risks are managed globally across the countries in which ING is active. “We collaborate with corporate departments and business units across the bank to design and deliver process standards. It’s important that we take a global approach to regulations and policies. To do so we have to think out of the box and therefore ING highly appreciates and stimulates different perspectives on things. Of course, it can then be a challenge to stay connected, but I’ve always felt we are working as a team, where people are focused on achieving our common goals.”

Colorful company

Part of her career at ING is her leadership of GALA, the ING LGBT network that want to make it easier for people to be themselves at work. The ING boat, that is part of the Gay Pride in August, is one of her initiatives. “In my career my sexuality has never been an issue. Of course, I’ve been in situations where reluctancy was sensible, but that’s basically more a matter of sharing about yourself at the right moment than ignoring who you are. For some people it can be challenging to combine their true identity with business though. ING supports openness about gender, religion, sexuality, and for me it’s very important that we show our inclusiveness throughout the company, from ING branches to the board room. The boat is a fabulous opportunity to show ING is a colorful company.”

About Martha

In 2015 Martha was nominated as one of ING's Women of the Year Role Models She is passionate about politics. She has created an initiative that led to a major change in US law and has an extensive network in government, corporations, NGOs and communities. She loves cycling (“on a racing bike”) and dancing (“80’s disco!”) Her favorite book is ‘Don’t Think of the Elephant’ because author George Lakoff “challenges us to find ways to connect with people who think differently”

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