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ING Tech Research & Development

How will you change banking?
Are you a talented STEM student, do you love an intellectual challenge and would you like to learn more about quantum technology, machine learning, NLP, robotics, augmented reality and virtual reality? At ING Tech Research & Development you will be able to take your expertise to the next level and make maximum use of your knowledge while working in a friendly and dynamic atmosphere.

Seeking high potentials

We work and experiment with the latest technologies together with talented STEM students who are keen to join us with taking the next step towards revolutionary technologies. We facilitate internships, graduation assignments and PhD research.  

Not a traditional bank

ING is evolving into a tech company with a banking licence. This is aligned with our ‘Think Forward’ strategy: ‘’Empowering people to stay a step ahead in life and in business.’’ At Tech R&D we turn that vision into reality by continuously staying two or three steps ahead, where we excel at transforming our efforts into an extremely personalised customer experience that sets us apart from the rest.  

Leading experts from science, technology and business

Together with scientists, technology experts and our expertise in business we offer our customers an exceptional and very personal experience. The collaboration between leading scientists, technology experts and business specialists produces impressive results.

Cutting-edge technologies

Our team, ranging from young talented interns with a variety of backgrounds to top-level scientists with spectacular track records, is united in their shared fascination for cutting-edge technologies and how these technologies can be deployed within our products and solutions to keep adding values for our customers.
Besides that I do a lot of graphic design work for marketing purposes – such as posters promoting conferences that ING is attending as part of its recruitment activities – and I also develop brochures that visualise our work and our organisational structure.

ING Tech R&D coexists within the following domains

  • Human Centered AI – focus on research and development of AI solutions that are aware of, and aligned with, their human users. By enabling AI systems to understand humans, as well as humans to understand AI solutions, to empower the users of such systems to more effectively achieve their goals.

  • Information retrival – we formalize and structure the existing knowledge within ING to enable reuse of domain knowledge together with systematic reasoning and explainable AI by creating tangible R&D driven products and services

  • Software Engineering and Automation – applying model-driven engineering and automation techniques to support squads in improving their software quality over the whole development lifecycle.

  • Software Analytics – empirical research related to software development, software products and software usage.

  • Data Diggers – our core business is  IT analytics, where the power of Machine Learning meets rapid tool and model development, as well as consultancy services on capacity and performance management.

  • Events and Multimedia Technology – developing serious games, simulations and other applications in VR, AR, robot Pepper and 3D printing, aimed at sharing knowledge more effectively.

  • Quantum Technology –  developing quantum algorithms to achieve lowest-cost optimization and to enhance machine-learning, whilst educating our colleagues to become quantum-proficient.

What will you do?

You can join us in this journey. Whether you are studying a bachelor’s or master’s programme or even doing your PhD, we provide the option to gain experience or preform research in a technology-focused, dynamic and innovative work environment. You will be involved in real innovation and have the freedom to experiment and put your skills into practice. You will work in collaboration with other experts from a plethora of disciplines, becoming part of a solid academic network and be able to continuously grow as a professional while also working on your personal development.


ING Tech R&D works in partnership with leading international high-tech companies as well as with the following universities: Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, TU Delft, TU Eindhoven, University of Twente, University of Leiden, Radboud University, University Utrecht, VU Amsterdam and University of Amsterdam. These partnerships enable us to share the results and insights from scientific research within our organisation and with our other partners as the basis for devising new and pioneering IT solutions.


At this moment we don’t have any vacancies within this expertise. Will we see you back soon?

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