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The world of Project Management

Business Consultants, Roadmanagers, Blackbelts, Business Analysts, Agile Coaches and Alignment Information Consultants focus on change journeys

Keyword? Change! A company that transforms from a traditional bank into ‘bank of the future’ needs a change in both organisation and methods, as well as optimisation of processes, systems and customer experience. To achieve that change the experts at the CoE Change Consulting & Coaching support tribes and squads on temporary basis. Their assignments are as divers as the domains wihtin the bank.

Six roles

The professionals at the CoE each have their own expertise. In projects they either succeed each other or they cooperate when complex changes are at stake.

  • The Business Consultants are responsible for strategy and creating vision;
  • The Business Analists come into the picture when changes ask for thorough analysis of the current and desired situation, essential for a good result;
  • The Roadmanagers focus on the realisation of changes. They take care of clear roadmaps and accompany squads and tribes with every step they need to take;
  • Blackbelts mostly work on process optimisation or process design, on data science routes or in operational management.
  • Agile Coaches help squads function optimally within the changed organisation;
  • The Alignment Information Consultants, that are based at the CoE, set up the reports on the change journeys.

What will you be doing?

It all depends on what the organisation demands and your expertise, experience and preferences. Assignments are brought in from all parts of ING. Basically you are able manage every journey that has been brought in, but it makes sense you prefer one product or domain above the other. Whatever your assignment will be, you will be working locally in a tribe, together with the people of the tribe. You’ll be advisor, coach, director and supporter of the tribe – all on temporary basis. When your job is finished, the tribe or squad will continue their journey indepedently. And you start your next challenge.

Enormous diversity in assignments

The types of assignments are very diverse. You could be working as a Business Analyst on the redesign of the business process that involves the management of payment terminals. Or on an assignment at ING Mid Clients, where clients need to be segmented again. As Consultant you will guide the preparations of the reorganisation of a tribe, or you will be working on an advice for Digital Client Communication. As a Roadmanager you support the realisation process and bring change journeys into practice. Also implementing new laws and legislation or introducing new forms of online banking for customers are examples of what a Roadmanager does. As an Agile Coach you cowork with squads and tribes to elevate their performance.

Flexible and focused

This diversity in assignments, with their own terms and deadlines – varying on a scale of a couple of month to a year and a half – and all the different people you will be working with, requires high flexibility. On the other hand you have to stay focused on the goalgetting, as a team. There’s a lot of freedom in working, just do what yo think is necessary. Arrange it! As long as you make sure things get done.


Do you recognize this entrepeneurial mentality? Do you love working in a dynamic environment? Are you capable of making strengths your own, get to the point quickly and draw people into your thoughts and ideas? And are you a 100% goalgetter? Then the CoE Change Consulting & Coaching could be a super workplace for you.

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Working on the bank of the future

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